Canva: Design, Photos, and Videos

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Canva: Design, Photos, and Videos

2.200.0 Android 4.4 and later
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This application helps you to design videos and photos simply.

Canva application: design, photos and videos for Android This application makes you simply design videos and install images in the form of small videos in a professional way without being an expert in this matter or a professional, as it is a simple application that brings you the video in a way that you have not seen before, because it contains Privileges and modern elements inside it that you have not seen in any application before, and with its ease of use and the main interface that you deal with from the first time, you will produce a video as if you are a designer and work on installing video clips from a long time ago.

Canva: design, photos and videos for Android

This application makes you design videos and install images on any music you prefer, as it is the best designer for videos in a free way, as it does not contain editing tools for images and designing complex videos that you do not understand anything from, but rather it makes you design a video with high quality and strong and moving graphics as well, This application also includes It contains many beautifully and wonderfully designed templates that you can install inside the video until you design an unparalleled video, and also this application makes you choose the music that you want to apply to this video. You can choose music from within the audio files on your phone, and you can also choose music You prefer it from the Internet so that you can create a short and fast video that makes you quickly publish it on social networking sites without any time.

This application works to create video montages in an unparalleled way. After downloading this application, you do not need complex applications that are based on editing and creating videos, as it has all the features found in any other application, and more than that, it contains modern tools and fabulous designs that you did not find in Any video design app similar to it.

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Within this application there are many backgrounds that you can choose from among what you prefer. This application also makes you create a video through your own photos so that you choose the images that you want to make a video on through your gallery, as it does not limit the number of images that you put on it, so you can Add whatever images you want, and you can choose the appropriate templates that suit your images, produce a great video of your production, and publish it on social networking sites so that you get the admiration of close friends, and share this application with them so that they design beautiful and attractive videos like you.

You can use this application without any complication by entering the application and choosing a white board, then enter the text or words that you want to write on this board, and then you choose the images that you want to install in the form of a video, and then you can modify anything through these images or change The background of any image you want or add templates that fit these images in order to give them cosmetic touches. You can also change the color of the writing and choose the color that suits the image that you write on. It is an easy-to-use application that you do not find any difficulty with.

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Canva app features: Latest version design, photos and videos

  • This application is free when downloading and also when using it does not require the Internet.
  • This application has an easy and simple main interface that you can deal with without facing any complications.
  • This application is characterized by its small size, so it does not require much space when it is installed on the phone.
  • This application is compatible with all modern and old Android phones.
  • This application can benefit you in your work, through which you can write cards for your business, a painting, logos, or a book cover.

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