Cast to TV – Chromecast XCast

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Cast to TV – Chromecast XCast Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to share videos on TV simply.

You can now download the Cast to TV – Chromecast XCast app for Android, one of the most important applications that you can get and download with the Google Play Store. One of the most popular applications through which you can send videos, pictures and music to many applications or to modern TVs. This application has received very large numbers of downloads, as it is a distinguished application in its work, an application that is free to use and has a distinctive interface. Through the application, you can display the screen of your mobile phone on the TV wirelessly. The Cast to TV- Chromecast, XCast application for Android is really one of the best applications in its work.

Download the Cast to TV – Chromecast XCast app for Android, with a direct link

You can download the Cast to TV- Chromecast, XCast application for Android on all mobile phones that support any Android system with ease. Go to the Google Play Store and in the search box type the name of the application and search for the application. Once you get the application, click on download the application and install it on your mobile phone. After completing the installation process, open the mobile phone and start executing the task to be performed.

With the app, you can cast audio files, photos, videos, and movies to Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick. Fire TV, Xbox One, Smart TVs, or other DLNA devices. Use Cast to TV and enjoy watching what you want.

The application helps you to convert your small mobile screen into a large screen display, connect your mobile phone to the projection screen. Then you start flipping on your phone, and all the pictures, videos, games, songs, applications, and other things you want will be displayed.

The application makes it easy for you to control the TV from your mobile phone, you can do what you need from your phone such as delay/advance/play/pause/next/previous…

And other things, the application provides you with a fast and secure connection on your screen. The application enjoys security and protection, as it protects your applications, files, and all your data.

Through this application, you can see movies and series and hear music on your home cinema screen, easy to use, fast delivery, unlike other applications, a very useful application through which you can play the games on your phone and see the beauty of the game events in a larger and clearer way.

Explanation of the Cast to TV – Chromecast XCast apk for mobile application

You can download the Cast to TV – Chromecast XCast application for Android on your mobile phone, all you have to do is search for a link from the exclusive direct links related to the work of this application and click on this link, and the application will open on the interface of your mobile phone and you can benefit from the work of the application at the same time.

Through the application, you can connect your mobile phone to the screen without the need for an Hdmi connection. The application eliminates the need for connections. The Cast to TV- Chromecast, XCast application for Android is supported by Castto TV from all Android devices, so you do not face any problem when connecting.

At any family gathering, we need to watch a new comedy movie, and watching this movie on the mobile phone is very difficult, so we connect the phone to the TV screen and enjoy watching the movie with your family, relatives, or colleagues easily through this application.

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Features of downloading the Cast to TV application in the latest version

The application to connect the cast to the TV for Android has a wide range of features, and we mention the most important of these features as follows:

  • An application suitable for people over three years old.
  • The application is available on the Google Play Store.
  • You can download the application on all Android phones.
  • The application has achieved a large number of downloads in a short time.
  • The app has received many positive reviews and comments from its users.
  • Free to use application
  • An application that helps you send files from your phone to the TV and see what you want on your TV.
  • New release application.
  • The application has a distinctive interface that is easy to use.

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