Escape from the 70’s

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Escape from the 70’s

435 Android 5.0 and later
evaluation 30 | 3.5
Solve the puzzles to escape from the scary house

Escape from the 70’s is an interesting puzzle game dedicated to fans of time travel and engaging in exciting and interesting adventures, and it is developed by MadIdeaX games and has been provided for devices that operate on the Android system

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Download game Escape from the 70’s for android

Escape from the 70’s Android game will give full opportunity to join the main characters, as the player wakes up in an unfamiliar room and remembers nothing but that he must escape from it and get back to normal before it’s too late

The player is free to use all the different items within the game with the ability to devise their own way of escaping the room, but it is important that you do so quickly before the time runs out.

If you like challenging puzzle games and brain teasers, Escape from the 70’s will help you solve some puzzles and come up with different escape ideas, plus it offers many interactive elements around the room. So feel free to observe, analyze and use your logical skills to come up with your own ideas.

Feel free to walk around the room and interact with the different items in the game while trying to find the clues and key items available that can help you in your escape attempt, at the same time, try to uncover the hidden secrets and clues as to why you are in this situation.

Toy Story Escape from the 70’s for android

The participant will play the role of a time traveler who happened to be in the past, specifically in the seventies, and it takes a lot of work for him to escape from the seventies and return to normal reality again.

In order to do so, you will have to search for different clues, interact with interactive objects, and solve complex and challenging puzzles

Escape from the 70s game shows how the protagonist of the game met a professor who investigated the possibility of time travel and created an experimental device, then the character accidentally starts and gets transported to the past and he ends up living in the professor’s apartment and now tries to return to his time and normal reality back in time Others, but will visit many sites first

gameplay Escape from the 70’s for android

The player will control his character from a first-person perspective and this is done by using the traditional joystick.

The game has typical classic mechanics of this genre and you need to examine buildings, collect useful items and clues, and solve puzzles

In addition, the process is accompanied by a lot of sound and visual effects, which contribute to immersion in an unusual environment

Game properties Escape from the 70’s for android

Simple and intuitive touch controls

Escape from the 70s players can engage and play in an easy and simple way thanks to the intuitive game controls.

The touch screen gives you the freedom to interact with any element and object in the scene, and you can move between elements easily around the room through gesture control and full immersion in the level.

An interactive room with many different items

Feel free to look for anything different around the room, including flashlights, ropes, etc. to help you get back to normal and your age again.

Many challenging and professional levels

In Escape from the 70’s, players will have the opportunity to enjoy many unique and exciting levels in the game, each with its own obstacles and challenges to overcome.

You will find yourself trapped in different rooms with many mysterious levels to play Have fun working with interactive objects around the scene Explore and examine these locations carefully and start looking for solutions to your problems.

Interesting puzzles and challenging riddles

To make the game more fun and exciting, Escape from the 70’s has created fun puzzles with cool concepts, in-depth elements and exciting solutions.

So feel free to use your logic and creative thinking to figure out the best way to solve the puzzles and enjoy the game to the fullest.

But you must pay attention to the details of the scenes because the clues can be anywhere around you and you lose the challenge

Game download features Escape from the 70’s for android

  • It comes completely free of charge, and you can download Escape from the 70’s game for Android through the links on our website apkxi
  • Lots of challenging and fun levels and interesting puzzles
  • Enjoy playing offline whenever you want and anywhere you want
  • The animation and the distinctive, especially some scenes associated with the seventies, which makes you live the real reality
  • Explore the world around you and the corners of the room and search for exciting things
  • Lots of sound and visual effects that give the game a distinct reality
  • The game is compatible with different Android devices

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