GeoZilla – Family Locator

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GeoZilla – Family Locator

6.43.28 Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to know the location of your family simply.

GeoZilla application – Family Locator for Android This wonderful and useful application makes you locate your family wherever they are through GPS location and maps on the GeoZilla application, as it is the only application that lets you know the location of your family and your family if they are somewhere and you cannot communicate With them through the phone due to a network failure or they are located in a place where there is no coverage, it works to locate the family with ease, by using their location inside the electronic device, as it is the best application that you can download now.

GeoZilla Family Locator app for Android

This is a mighty application that works to locate your family, no matter where they are on the map of the application, as it works on the immediate update of the location and sends the new location and the place where your family is located, and if the family moves from one place to another, it gives you all the locations continuously, and also this application works on the delayed update On its own without the Internet, if your family is in a place where there is no Internet connection, it stores the sites they are in, and when they reach a place with an Internet network, it sends all the sites that it stored deferred.

This application also pairs with the Wear OS watch, which operates on the Android system, so it makes you share your location with your family until they reach you, and vice versa. on all mysterious sites and informs you of these sites until it gives you the correct location by 100%, and this application reaches long distances in determining locations, these distances reach more than 500 meters, there are other applications for positioning that cannot connect you to these sites easily such as the application Featured GeoZilla.

Download the GeoZilla Family Locator app for Android

This application is not only for determining the location of the family, but it can record the daily activity of your children and supervise you on their whereabouts. You only have to register this application on your children’s phone and determine the location. The application is a free chat with a person or a group so that you can reach your family or children with ease.

The GeoZilla family locator application works to locate the family in addition to that it saves battery consumption as it works with a global system to connect family members with each other in a completely secure way and determines the location of the people in it with ease and this place is certain with an accurate percentage, and this application also requires that the family By agreeing to track the location so that this application automatically tracks them when they press the agree button, it is the easiest family location tracking application that you can deal with.

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Features of the GeoZilla Family Locator application, latest version

  • This application features easy access to your family’s website.
  • This app gives correct results and sure locations so you reach your family in a safe way.
  • This application is completely free and does not require payment fees when downloading from the Google Play Store.
  • This app saves charging consumption.
  • This application works with the internet to connect you to the correct family website.
  • This app can tell you the location of your Wear OS Android smartwatch.

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