Google Meet

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Google Meet

2022.12.25.498071494.Release Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to complete meetings via Google simply.

Google Meet application for Android This application is one of the most powerful applications through which you can make video calls with one person or groups at the same time. However, with this application, businessmen will enjoy online conference work, and it is also very fast when making video calls, so it does not interrupt the network. You will enjoy video clips and people watching in a powerful and high-quality way.

Download the Google Meet app for Android

Video calls are one of the most important modern technologies that have worked to close the distance between people far from each other, so you will always be in contact with others, this wonderful application enables you to chat with others and make video calls with them all the time without interruption in the network or lack of vision, you will talk with other people as if you were watching a high quality video. There are many other applications on the Google Play Store that are also dedicated to video calls, but they are not like the Google Meet application. It is known that any application that falls under the name of the great Google company has many different advantages that all users trust, so this application has won the admiration of many People all over the world, as millions of people have downloaded the great confidence that Google has done in providing its distinctive and wonderful applications.

This application has been specially activated to serve all people who conduct online conferences with their work team, as it provides you with the highest quality, clear vision, and pure sound, and does not specify a specific number for you to participate in this video, so anyone can hold a video conference through this application, up to the number of those People to more than 50 people, and you will notice that the call takes place with the highest quality and there is no interruption or disruption of the network or the image, as it is the easiest system that businessmen and owners of large companies or anyone who wants to talk to more than one person at the same time can rely on .

Download the Google Meet app for Android

This application can organize your meetings for the work team by creating an evaluation table from within this application, as it works to organize all your meetings that you put in future plans and works to remind you of each meeting ahead of time, and it also works to arrange these meetings in an alphabetical way to arrange Each meeting has priority.

You can also name the meeting that you put in the schedule with the name of the group you are talking to with a video, so if the date of this meeting is approaching, this application will alert you of the date set for it, and all you have to do is click on Join in the group to hold this meeting immediately, and this application features an interface An elegant and organized master that you can use in an easy way and there is no complication in it. You will understand the interface designated for it when you use it from the first time.

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Features of the Google Meet application, the latest version

  • This application is characterized by scheduling meetings that the business owner can do for his team.
  • This application works on video calling more than 50 users in one video.
  • This app is the best group video calling app.
  • This application is characterized by high-quality video calls, clear picture, purity, and always-on communication, without interruption of the call.
  • This application has an easy, simple and uncomplicated main interface that you can deal with from the first time you download this.

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