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2022.11.39189 (492203428.492203428-000300) Android 4.4+
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Google Play Games is an application for managing games, books and applications

The Google Games app Google Play Games One of the most important applications that were released by Google, especially for video game lovers, and the application contains many features and capabilities that make users of Android devices indispensable, as it allows the ability to download games, books, etc., and allows you to follow everything new in the world of games.

Download the Google Play Games application for Android, with a direct link

The Google Play Games application is one of the most important game programs on Android phones, as it gives them many features and advantages that make them constantly aware of all the developments of their games and the new games that were released on the application, and they also enable them to know the most downloaded or awarded games. Followers liked.

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Google Play Games app specifications

The Google Play Games application is separated from the Google Play Store, as it contains many capabilities and features different from any other application, so we find that users of the Android system cannot do without it, and among these characteristics we mention the following:

  • The app is released by Google so it is completely safe to download.
  • The app is used by more than a billion people all over the world.
  • It has a distinctive and easy interface that is suitable for working on the screens of phones, tablets and computers.
  • Through it, you can download any game, book, or application for translation, in addition to downloading movies for a fee.
  • The application provides a service in video games through which it allows to save the user’s progress in the game.
  • Allows the ability to save game data and achievements so that they are not restarted from scratch again.
  • The user can know the games that his friends have downloaded and played, and the stage they have reached in the game, in addition to the application making a comparison between the user’s points and the points of his friends.

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Download Google Play Games

The Google Play Games application is one of the most important applications that have contributed greatly to providing a lot of business and services that users need, and the program can be used with ease and enjoy several features, including:

  • Any free application can be downloaded, but after opening its own email on Gmail.
  • The user creates a Profile or a profile through which he can follow the games he is playing and know the stage he has reached, in addition to seeing the number of points that have been scored.
  • The user can control the notifications he receives through the application.
  • It allows the user to view his profile information, with the ability to change his photo and email name by going to the settings menu.
  • When downloading any game, the program shows the remaining time until the download is completed, and upon completion, the application sends a notification that appears at the top of the screen.

Features of Google Play Games

The application is designed to help users of the Android system download video games, paid movies, books and novels, through which it is possible to view everything new in the world of games, and the application has many features, including:

  • It provides the user with the ability to download all the old and new Google play store games from one place.
  • It allows the user to discover new games, while providing the ability to play with friends easily.
  • It is possible to participate in group games, which require a group of players to run.
  • The user can share his game information with others during live competitions, by displaying the achievements he has achieved, the stages he has reached, and the points he has scored.
  • It allows the user to choose between a variety of new and old games, such as card games, Candy Crush, PUBG, Subway, Car Racing, Pac-Man, and Solitaire.
  • The application displays all the books that reading lovers are looking for, whether they are best-selling books or books by the most famous authors.

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Disadvantages of Google Play Games

Thanks to the Internet and technological development, programmers seek to provide programs and applications that help the user to save time and shorten the effort to obtain services, as they are provided through one click on the phone or computer, and Google Play Games is one of those applications that carry many features for the user, But it also has some disadvantages, including:

  • Many users gave bad reviews on the Google Play Games app, and most were complaining that some games took a very long time to finish downloading.
  • The impossibility of recovering game data if it was deleted by mistake.
  • The application needs to be constantly updated, which causes the consumption of the phone’s battery.
  • The application space is large, especially after successive updates, which makes it inappropriate for devices that have a small storage capacity.

In this article, we learned about the application Google Play GamesAnd we mentioned its specifications and features that the application contains, in addition to clarifying the advantages that users enjoy, and in the end we got to know the disadvantages of the Google Play application for games and the problems that users may face when downloading and using it on the phone.

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