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Halo Cleaner – Phone Optimizer Android 4.4+
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This application extends the life of your battery, and makes it better.

Halo Cleaner – Phone Optimizer application for Android This wonderful application works to clean the phone from all our junk files that fill the phone storage folder without any use and have no use, and this application also works to clean the phone from the applications that you have deleted from the phone, this application It cleans the phone from any files, pictures, videos, or anything that was present or downloaded through this application that you deleted. It is an easy and simple application that must be present on all phones. This application also works to combat harmful viruses that penetrate your phone and make it It slows you down and kills it quickly, as it cleans these viruses first, so do not hesitate and download the Halo Cleaner- Phone Optimizer application immediately.

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When the storage level in the phone is high, it makes the phone heavy, slow with you, and does not respond quickly, and also works to weaken the battery and destroy it quickly, and also when the storage space is increased beyond the limit, it works on a high temperature of the phone, which leads to great damage to the phone and it can stop suddenly Or anything happens to it that harms the battery, especially in modern phones that the battery cannot be removed from, so we must download an application that reduces space first.

This application also deletes files that we do not need and also deletes images, videos and audio files on social networking applications from the inside so that it frees up storage space and does not fill up quickly and harm the phone. On battery it is the best phone booster app and easy to use.

Explanation of Halo Cleaner- Phone Optimizer apk for mobile

This application works to save your private data by deleting applications and viruses that penetrate the phone immediately without informing you, as it detects hacked applications that can steal your personal or bank accounts from the phone, as this application works to stop its activity and disable these programs or applications that you access by mistake And that is through the links that are sent to you and you open them or download an application that is hidden behind another application, but its goal is to hack and steal data. This application completely erases it and does not make it reach the despicable purpose for which the phone was hacked.

This application also works to delete all duplicate files on your phone and constantly cleans applications, especially the WhatsApp application, which has a large storage inside that takes up a large amount of phone storage, as it works to clean this storage constantly, so it scans images, videos, files, documents, as well as audio files sent to you and also that you send You all of these things work to strengthen the phone and not harm the battery and provide charging and also do not overheat the phone as it works, this application also works on antivirus and gives you complete security for your phone and not to worry about any penetration or theft of your data because it is completely safe and this is the most important feature in the application Halo Cleaner – Phone Optimizer.

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Features of Halo Cleaner – Phone Optimizer latest version

  • This application is distinguished by clearing the internal phone space, and it works to remove all unwanted files, photos or videos.
  • This application fights malware and viruses that penetrate the phone, as it removes them without you knowing.
  • This application is characterized by enhancing the phone and improving its performance so that it works quickly.
  • This application does not damage the battery due to increased storage or high temperature of the phone.
  • It reduces the charging rate and does not drain the battery quickly.
  • This app installs apps in the background in order to preserve battery life for a longer period of time and not consume it.

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