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2.1.5 Android 4.4 and later
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It is an application that enables you to free up your phone’s memory simply.

KeepBooster file cleaner app for Android is one of the most popular apps out there that frees up your phone memory as well as maintains a portable battery and cleans all junk files, Keep Booster app is a comprehensive Android cleaning app, you can download the app easily and benefit from its work, the app helps you keep your phone mobile phone for as long as possible, because it continuously cleans the mobile phone and clears you of all junk files, and this application is one of the best applications that clean mobile phones.

Download KeepBooster File Cleaner for Android with a direct link

You can download the Keep Booster file cleaner application on all mobile phones that support any Android system, enter the Google Play Store and write the name of the application in the search field at the top of the store, then search for the application and when you find it, click on download the application on your phone and after completion From the download process, click on Open the application, and the application will open on your mobile screen and benefit from its work.
An application that cleans all the unwanted files on your mobile phone for you, it cleans the cache and system files and all unwanted files with just one click, the application does a strong and effective security check that gets rid of all the unwanted things on your mobile phone.

An application that frees up the RAM on the phone, makes your phone lighter, liberated, and enjoys great humanity, and you will feel that your phone has become faster, better, and works more efficiently after cleaning your phone.

Description of the Keep Booster apk file cleaner app for mobile

You can download the Keep Booster file cleaner application on your mobile phone by searching for a link from the exclusive direct links for the work of this application and clicking on this link, and the application will open on your mobile screen, after which you can clean your phone from all junk files.

The application scans all unwanted files, leftovers, and cache. Clean all files etc through the application which has very advanced technology with the professional application tool used in the application. The application also helps to delete the cache space of social programs without deleting any useful information.

The Keep Booster application is very smart and has the ability to free up space on your mobile phone to a large extent, and the application works to protect your phone by removing potential threats. This application provides your phone with great protection because it is very professional compared to any other application that cleans and protects the phone.

The application disables all programs and applications that affect and consume the battery in order to save battery power and make the battery work efficiently for as long as possible. The application continuously monitors the temperature of your device and gives you a signal or notification in the event that your device gets too high.

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Features of the Keep Booster application, file cleaner, latest version

The KeepBooster apk file cleaner app for Android has a wide range of features, among the most important of which we mention the following:

  • Great app with easy to use interface.
  • The application is available on the Google Play Store.
  • An application that helps you in the process of cleaning files.
  • The app got a lot of positive comments from its users.
  • The application achieved a large number of downloads in a short period.
  • Useful application for mobile phone and keep it for as long as possible.
  • The application maintains the phone’s battery and storage space.
  • The application is available to all persons over the age of three.
  • The size of the application is also suitable for its work.
  • A very modern and efficient application.
  • The application maintains all phone data and is not shared with any third party.

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