KUBOOM 3D: FPS Shooter

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KUBOOM 3D: FPS Shooter

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Adventures full of suspense and excitement worth experiencing

Download the KUBOOM 3D: FPS Shooter game for Android, with a direct link, for free, from the Apkxi website, to download the latest Android games and applications. KUBOOM is one of the best fighting and shooting games that gives you a fun online fighting experience with players from all over the world. The KUBOOM game introduces characters with a new perspective, very similar to the famous Minecraft characters, to present a new form of fighting games. The game was released in September 2016 on Android and iOS devices, where the game got a lot of interest and positive comments from users, and its downloads exceeded more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Download KUBOOM apk for Android, with a direct link, for free

Download KUBOOM 3D: FPS Shooter apk for Android It is a multiplayer FPS shooting game. In KUBOOM, players battle a team of five players against a team of five other players. Each encounter lasts for 10 minutes, and the team that has eliminated more enemies will win the game. All you need is for an enemy to appear within your firing range, to start the fight.

KUBOOM 3D is a direct shooter game that is also played online. The game includes several simple automatic controls with a wide variety of content, both in terms of weapons and settings.

Controls include a virtual joystick on the left of the screen, which allows characters to move in different directions and places, as well as the aim and shoot button on the right. You can change the settings for the controls through the in-game setup options. The controls are easy to use, and don’t change depending on who is playing.

You can also customize the appearance of characters and weapons from within the main menu, where you can choose from forty different skins for your character. Also, you will find a lot of types and skins of weapons. You can choose from many types of weapons, such as a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, sniper rifle, and more.

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The gameplay inside the shooting game KUBOOM Apk

The gameplay of KUBOOM Apk is not much different from other shooter games. It is played from a first-person FPS perspective, which is a familiar situation in most fighting and shooting games. Characters are moved through the button or joystick on the main screen. Shooting and jumping are the basic operations in the game. The use of weapons in a flexible and accurate manner at the right time is also one of the most important pillars of the game.

It is played at a slower pace than other shooters, which helps you better immerse yourself in the game. You can play KUBOOM in three different modes: Deathh, Team Death Match, and Boom.

One of the most important features of KUBOOM 3D is the graphics system, character design, and the surrounding environment, which is very similar to what we see in the Minecraft game. It can be said that KUBOOM is a mix between Minecraft and Counter Strike, but it is characterized by a slower pace of play, as we mentioned earlier.

KUBOOM 3D: FPS Shooter game features

Downloading KUBOOM APK gives you many advantages, most notably the following:

  • The game offers fun dynamic battles between two teams 5×5.
  • Easy to control gameplay with the ability to auto play or disable it from settings.
  • More than 20 maps to play. You will find some maps that are similar to those of famous fighting games, and each map requires specific tactics to master.
  • Providing more than 50 different types of weapons from rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, knives and many more. Also you will find more than 100 weapon skins. You can also customize the weapon in many ways: such as putting silencers, using laser beams, increasing clips, and more.
  • Provide many character outfits, more than 45 outfits to customize characters. You can choose the basic clothes for your team, such as the clothes of the blue team or the red team. You can also choose the best clothes for your character from ordinary clothes or even exotic clothes.

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  • This game combines good capabilities with the right size, as it does not take up much space on the phone like most modern fighting games.
  • Participating in PvP matches gives you a sum of money after each match. You can also use the money to buy in-game equipment such as weapons and gun attachments, or special items to change the appearance of the character.
  • You can play online with friends from all over the world to have fun.
  • KUBOOM game offers 3D graphics, which are relatively simple, but beautiful and distinctive.

KUBOOM 3D: FPS Shooter is also one of the most fun shooting games, as it combines combat with high entertainment, which makes it the perfect choice for fans of light combat games.

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