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My Security Pal

1.0.33 Android 4.4 and later
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This app cleans your phone very quickly.

My Security Pal application for Android This unique application works in minutes to clean your entire phone from any junk files or fill the internal storage of the phone without any benefit. This application can also delete duplicate files on your phone, instead of manually deleting and cleaning all applications separately. This application makes it easy You have to command it and it automatically deletes all applications with just one click. All you have to do is give it the order to clean the phone automatically and it works on its own so you do not find any difficulty in using it as it contains an easy main interface that you can use from the first time you download this application.

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This unique application makes you delete all files, documents, photos, videos, and applications that you do not want on your phone. It also cleans the phone automatically instead of increasing the storage space on the phone. This application also works to save files and makes them completely safe and protects them from penetration or theft. The application also cools the phone, as there is a feature inside it that works automatically when the phone temperature rises. It is an ideal and miraculous application that must be present on all smart phones.

This application removes all viruses on the phone and warns you of all harmful applications that penetrate your phone, it automatically disables them before you open them, it makes your phone completely safe and maintains the confidentiality of your data and private accounts, and this application deletes all applications that harm your phone Or viruses that make the temperature of the phone rise because the high temperature in the phone slows down the phone and damages the battery and destroys the phone in a short time, and this application also frees up memory space so that it does not fill up quickly and presses the phone and does not respond to you when you order it to enter Anything it is a smart application and easy to use there are no difficulties when using it.

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When we download many applications or use the phone at work, it sends us many notifications from all applications, or we download files on the phone, the load on the phone storage increases, and with the passage of time you will see that the phone does not work normally and does not respond to us quickly and is heavy when opening any application or Quick response to chat or messages that reach us, this matter completely annoys us, but with the My Security Pal application, goodbye to this problem, this application will solve it through the automatic deletion of junk files or messages and notifications on all applications.

This application also works to strengthen the phone and repair any damage that occurs in it, and completely eliminates anything that harms the phone, as it always makes your phone in the best condition, and this application also works to detect all harmful links or hidden files that penetrate your phone and you do not know, as it automatically deletes them and makes Your phone is always safe.

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Features of the My Security Pal application, the latest version

  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • This app cleans your phone from any trash constantly so that this trash does not take up much space on your phone.
  • This application detects any suspicious applications or files and deletes them automatically before they penetrate your phone.
  • This application does not require much space on the phone, but it is small and compatible with all Android phones.
  • This application does not consume battery and charging.

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