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My Talking Tom Friends Android 5.0+
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This game allows you to interact with Tom and his friends

My Talking Tom Friends, Download My Talking Tom Friends for Android with a direct link, is a new game in the Talking Tom series. But unlike the previous games, this one allows you to interact with Tom and his friends. This game includes Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca and the fun is absolutely guaranteed.

Download My Talking Tom Friends game for Android, with a direct link

  • The gameplay in My Talking Tom Friends is similar to My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela or My Talking Hank.
  • However, this time you will be able to interact with all of these characters in the same game. Simply click on the image of the hero you want to interact with.
  • For example, just click on Angela’s picture, and you can move it around the house, including the kitchen, her bedroom, and more.

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Parts of the game My Talking Tom Friends for Android

  • As in the previous parts of the series, in My Talking Tom you can customize anything you want in the homes of these cute animals.
  • For example, you will be able to completely change the decoration of the foyer, choose new pieces of furniture for the kitchen, and you will be able to add your own touch to the garden of the house.
  • You can also take your cute animals on fun adventures around town.

My Talking Tom Friends

is an entertaining game that brings together for the first time all the heroes of the Talking Tom series in one game. In addition, it has attractive graphics and bright colors as usual with the rest of Outfit7’s games.

Download My Talking Tom Friends game for Android, with a direct link

  • Download my talking tom [أحدث إصدار] For Android If you have been a gamer for a long time, then you will definitely know the popular My Talking series from the publisher Outfit7 Limited.
  • This series is mainly about the life of pets at home and will go directly to their owners during the experience.
  • This means that the player must ensure that his pet is always healthy and more fun, and you will play with him or prepare a big party to help your pet get to the best condition.

My Talking Tom Friends game for Android

  • Most of the games in the My Talking series require players to take care of one pet during the fun process.
  • This will make players get bored easily because there won’t be many new events for your pet.
  • Therefore, the publisher, Outfit7 Limited, decided to create a game with the presence of all the characters that made their names like Tomcat, Hank dog, and Angela cat called My Talking Tom Friends Mod for Android devices.

The story of the game My Talking Tom Friends for Android

  • Basically, the gameplay of My Talking Tom MOD APK will not change compared to previous My Talking series games.
  • Therefore, players will not take much time to learn about the operations involved in this game. Instead of taking care of a pet, as usual, players will have to take care of several available characters and you need to log into the game regularly to take care of them.
  • There will be a lot of pets on the experience screen.
  • So making sure that they are always in top condition is not at all a simple task.
  • Since each pet in the My Talking Tom game will have completely different characteristics and hobbies, you need to get to know them in a certain period of time if you want to become a friendly owner.
  • In general, every movement of the player in this game is carried out by a few very simple operations, so you don’t have to worry too much in the first experience of the game.

Features of downloading the My Talking Tom Friends game for Android, with a direct link

  • Players can join Talking Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca as they move into their new home together.
  • Players can help Talking Tom and his friends to develop their skills.
  • When it’s time for bed, they need to find a comfortable place to recharge their energies for a whole new day of fun and games!
  • Players can also make this their own virtual home!
  • They can collect cool toys on bus trips to town and change the look of their friends’ house.
  • The game features an all-new set of mini-games to test users’ skills, reflexes, and puzzle-solving.

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My Talking Tom app for Android

  • This is a new game from the makers of the most popular “Talking” game series with Tom the Cat and his friends so far all gathered!
  • Six inseparable friends in the person of Tom, Angela, Ben, Hank and Ginger are sent to a big new house, where the doors open for you too!
  • This game will take the player to the house of the best friends.
  • What could be cooler than if your friends are with you.
  • You definitely won’t get bored when Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca are next to you.
  • You are waiting for real fun in a big house with your talking friends who can meet in one room for the first time.

How to play My Talking Tom game?

  1. Remember to take care of your talking friends Every pet has its own needs that come up at different times.
  2. All your friends love to talk, play computer games, go on a bus trip, eat, go to the bathroom, take a shower, sleep, and also get new gaming items.

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