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Notification Widget

1.1.108 Android 4.4 and later
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This application helps you respond to the notifications that appear in the quick bar and show them.

Notification Widget application for Android In this era, we have become coexistent with the development of technology and we live with social networking sites every day. All dealings have become on social networking sites, whether in practical life or in life in general. And it sends us many daily logos on all the applications on the phone, and these notifications are important and some are not important. And we need to save important notifications so that we can easily refer to them when we need them and not get lost among other notifications. This application easily organizes notifications, arranges them, and knows the source of the notification, the application from which it was sent, and the date of sending.

Notification Widget app for Android

This wonderful application works to organize and manage notifications in an excellent way, as it organizes notifications inside it and puts each notification inside the application from which it was sent. These logos can be organized by priority, making the important thing in the foreground, and so on, so that you do not need a lot of time and effort to find important applications. This application is characterized by being very small in size, so it does not require much space available on the phone. Also, this application is constantly updated to provide us with everything new, and this application works great and easy. It has an easy and simple main interface that you can deal with from the first time without needing an explanation for its use. It is indeed a legend application that you can enjoy now.

This application has been downloaded by many people from all over the world, and this indicates the success of the application and its spread all over the world. And this application provides you with a bar above the screen to display the notifications that you want to read, and if you want to know how to read the notification in detail, you press and hold it. It opens the entire notification for you and this makes it much easier for you instead of going into the app and opening all the messages and reading them. This application also has a feature of idle hours that saves the battery from consumption and does not reduce the charging level quickly. If you want to enjoy all these features, you should download the Notification Widget application now.

Download the Notification Widget app for Android

This attractive application makes you keep your important notifications if you are a business owner and all your work is associated with social networking sites. And you receive many important notifications, and you have crowded notifications, and you could not reach important notifications quickly. And wasting your time and effort because of this matter, this application makes you organize and manage notifications with ease and arrange them according to priority and importance. It works to arrange notifications within each application with its name, and you can allocate a favorite icon and place important notifications inside it. So that you can access it easily when you need it, as it is a very smooth and simple application that makes it easier for you.

This application works on the speed of the phone and is not heavy on the device and is compatible with all Android phones, strong and weak. Also, it does not consume a large battery charge, but rather maintains the battery level, through the feature inside the application. It is the idle hours that help to keep the charge for a long time, and the application to organize notifications. It is the best app you can count on.

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Features of the latest Notification Widget app

  • This application is one of the latest applications that you can use to organize and arrange your notifications.
  • This application is distinguished by that it makes you identify important notifications and put them in the forefront so that they have priority over the rest of the notifications.
  • This application makes you read all the notifications and messages received by you through the bar that appears to you above the screen while sending the notification without opening the message.
  • This application is distinguished by the idle hours feature that preserves the battery and charge and does not consume much charge.

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