NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

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NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

1.0.1d Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the best games that let you fight predatory monsters.

NOVA 3: Freedom Edition for Android This game is one of the modern fighting games that you have never experienced before. Where inside this game there are adventures and excitement besides fun and entertainment. When you play this game, you enter the world of action and dream as if you are one of the fighters inside this game. Where you find in this game that you are in a wide world where there are no people, you are in a secluded planet where there are only evil ferocious monsters. In this game, you must rid this planet of these monsters so that humans can return to this planet again. This is a 3D game that simulates real life and you will play on real land. This is due to the high-quality graphics and powerful graphics present in this game, so do not hesitate and try this fun now.

NOVA 3: Freedom Edition game for Android

This fun game has the main goal of fighting predatory monsters that came from space to prey on Earth’s creatures, eliminate them, and control the entire planet until there are no humans on it. It is a detective story based on war and fighting. In this game, you must recruit a large number of people. And train them well so that you can enter the planet and completely eradicate these predatory creatures. And you will rid this planet of destruction and devastation that is on it because of these creatures.

The player must make a strong attack on these beings in order to force them to leave this planet and get out of it as soon as possible, otherwise the army will eliminate them and destroy them, then collective wars will enter into this game, so you and your army stand hand in hand and help each other in collective fighting until you drive out these predatory beings From the planet, and you must beware of these predatory beings, because they are thinking of eliminating you before you expel them from this planet, so that they control the entire planet, so do not give them the opportunity, you and your army, to develop strategic plans for them that eliminate them and destroy their plans and plots for you as soon as possible.

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This game consists of several different levels, each level has its own tasks, and this game is included in these levels, so it starts with the easiest and then enters the difficult stages in which you must equip your army with modern weapons that work to destroy these predatory creatures with ease, so it is necessary to buy weapons Modern and equipment that eliminates these bad guys, these weapons can be purchased through rewards and gifts that you get during the implementation of the task to the fullest through which you can eliminate these bad guys in the next difficult stages.

These evil people destroyed the entire planet Earth and killed all the people on it and ravaged the planet and destroyed it in a great way and they still continue to destroy and fight any human race that meets him on this planet. For their land and homeland, these evil people must be killed and expelled from the planet earth so that safety and peace can be restored again in this planet and people return to their places again.

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Features of the game NOVA 3 latest version

  • This game is one of the most powerful action and fighting games because it is distinguished by its high-quality graphics and strong graphics that embody people and predators in a wonderful way that simulates real reality.
  • Inside this game there are powerful sound effects that make you live the atmosphere of fighting and horror.
  • This game can be shared with your friends so that you can enjoy team play and ignite the spirit of competition between you.
  • This game does not need an internet connection so you can play it anytime and anywhere.
  • Inside this game there are many equipped weapons that make you fight with ease.

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