Nox Security Antivirus Clean

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Nox Security Antivirus Clean

2.7.3 Android 4.4+
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This application easily combats viruses that appear on your phone.

Nox Security Antivirus Clean application for Android This application is one of the most popular applications that we can rely on to combat viruses that harm the phone. This application protects all applications, photos and videos on the phone from any viruses that penetrate them. And you disable it and you cannot open it again, as these viruses destroy the phone when it enters it and leads to its damage very quickly. The developers of this application are constantly updating it to eliminate all viruses to a large and effective degree.

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The Nox Security, Antivirus application has many features, it does not need to log in when downloading and installing it on the phone and does not require you to register also through any communication site, when you install this application on the phone it works automatically without asking anything from your privacy as well This application is available for free and does not require payment fees when downloading and does not require internet when running it on the phone. This application is also characterized by always updating in order to constantly combat viruses and works with the highest accuracy and quality that you can imagine. It is a completely safe application on the device and is characterized by being light on the device and does not make it slow.

There are many modern elements within the Nox Security, Antivirus application that you can use to combat viruses, as it works to delete harmful applications or files that can penetrate your phone, as it detects them immediately when downloading them or when anyone sends a link, documents, or files that contain a virus or suspicious, so it works The application removes it immediately before informing you of it and protects the phone and makes it completely safe from anything that harms it. This application is also distinguished by the complete saving of charge and battery, and also you can use it from the first time as it is easy and simple and the use does not have any difficulties.

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This application always monitors the phone continuously in order to protect it from any viruses that harm it from any application or from any other party, as it is constantly ready to completely eliminate any hidden viruses, and also you can secure this application by creating a password or a manual pattern until Protect it from anyone who wants to access your phone and deactivate this application, as it always makes you completely safe.
This application also contains a blacklist and automatically blocks calls. Through this application, you can place any propaganda call or a person you do not know who is bothering you on this list, as he deletes it and also reports this annoying number so that he cannot disturb you again and does not disturb anyone else. It is a perfect and wonderful application that protects you from any damage that you can expect, whether it is from hidden files, viruses, or even spam calls.

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Features of Nox Security, Antivirus, latest version

  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading from the Google Play Store.
  • This application is characterized by the simple and easy main interface that you can use from the first time without any complication.
  • Inside this app, there is an icon to clean up junk files to free up space on the phone’s internal storage.
  • This application does not need internet connection when it is running but only needs internet when updating.
  • This application provides charging for the battery, so it does not consume it quickly.
  • This app helps to get rid of nuisance calls and block them in blacklist.

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