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2.0.7a14 Android 5 and above
evaluation 30 | 3.6
Realistic car racing with a unique career mode

Project Racer is a realistic car racing game with a unique online career mode and realistic driving physics where drivers need to work together as a team to pursue the ultimate goal of the racer and compete for the championship with other real players from around the world, the game has been developed under the very close supervision of professional racing and real-life racing enthusiasts from the gaming industry.

Enjoy competing with friends and online players from all over the world. Explore your final ride on a variety of different tracks in the game, each offering its own unique experience. Don’t forget to collect a variety of different vehicles, including the most famous sports cars and street racing legends. Engage in loads of fun racing with different game modes that will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your mobile racing experience.

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Game download features Project Racer for Android

The game has many countless features, the most prominent of which are the following:

Simple but very fun racing game

Project Racer players will have no problem getting acquainted with this addictive car racing game as here, the intuitive and interactive one-touch controls will ensure that you will be able to enjoy its functionality comfortably all you have to do is touch and hold your finger and release it at the right time to complete Special racing moves for you and remember that you must perfect your combos to maintain the perfect speed and get great rewards in the game

Realistic handling

There is no compromise adapted to the realistic physics of the mobile platform and Project Racer game as you will have to stop early and make a corner without unrealistic speed, in addition to that you will find that in some cases the grass is just like ice cubes just like bumpy and slippery so if you leave the track, Even if it’s still on the tarmac, the grip level drops off dramatically due to the track surface pulling away from the racing line can be dirty.

Start your online racing career

After signing with the manufacturing squad, the new season started with a harsh winter test. With the help of the team’s engineers, you will thus prepare the car from basic configurations such as seating position and gear ratios to some advanced adjustments such as wheel alignment, tire pressure and even throttle response.

Enjoy customizing your cars

Project Racer is just like CSR Racing 2 and Asphalt Nitro, now you can enjoy many customizable features and then customize and tune your favorite car in a number of ways to achieve its unique look and optimal performance. Explore amazing rides in colorful and beautifully decorated cars. Get creative with fun and fun drawing options. Enable unique vehicles and make them look completely crazy with new body parts.

Meanwhile, it can also be combined with Project Racer’s advanced tuning options allowing players to freely modify their cars in a variety of ways. Feel free to use cool upgrades to improve different aspects of your car. Make it easier for your vehicle to accelerate and decelerate, improve maneuverability and more. More importantly however, by completing missions and some upgrades, you can upgrade your vehicles and give them a lot of buffs

Car development during the season

Tensions run high as the season progresses in Project Racer so each team will upgrade their chassis and engine but only you are on track to give the engineers direct feedback to improve the chassis and engine. Every minute on the track, every second in the corner, every championship point separates victory from defeat.

Factory and team battles

4 engine suppliers and 10 manufacturing teams have expanded the battle from the track to the factory, but they still outperform a small team in international manufacturing.

With Project Racer’s extremely dynamic weather and grip levels, experience will be key to making the car faster, and team budget won’t be the only factor.

The era of artificial intelligence racing

In the parallel world of Project Racer an ambitious project has been launched and promoted by BRG srl, the global automotive company owned by Jam Bristol. Will AlphaRacer racing bots finally replace human drivers in the near future? Answers will be revealed based on the choice of all participants online

Enjoy your ultimate race in different game modes

In Project Racer, players can enjoy their own exciting racing action in several different game modes, each offering its own unique gaming experience. Start with a classic racing challenge and try to finish first. Or use the time trial to increase the challenge in the game. When you want to test your limits, try to test your skills with a high score challenge.

Exciting competitions to test your skills

For those interested, you can now take part in a number of exciting races in Project Racer, each offering its own amazing racing experience. Start your own daily challenges and tasks to collect daily rewards and enter the Maker Invitational to earn your own rewards. Compete with the best racers around your epic world tour. Don’t forget to enjoy many unique in-game events, enjoy exciting gameplay and collect time-limited rewards.

Compete with friends and players online

To make the game even more fun, users in Project Racer can now enjoy competing with friends and online players from all over the world so feel free to take part in exciting multiplayer modes and test your racing skills in many races right now. Enjoy the ultimate fun in the game and make the most out of your gaming experience with unique rivals

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