Rapid Cleaner – Boost and Clean

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Rapid Cleaner – Boost and Clean

1.0.05 Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to clean your phone from any damage, as it is very perfect.

Rapid Cleaner application, boosting and cleaning for Android, this mighty application works to protect and secure the phone. It is considered one of the most important applications that should be on every phone. There are many companies that put this application by default on the phone, and the user finds it when buying a new phone. It is a very simple and easy to use application that can boost your phone very quickly, this speed may reach 100%. Where this application improves the performance of the phone because it includes many tools that enhance the phone, it is a highly productive application that you cannot do without and must be installed on your phone.

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This wonderful application will improve the performance and speed of your phone in an amazing way, because it includes many great functions that are represented in cleaning the memory, as this application works to constantly clean the memory from junk and unimportant files and this matter works to not fill the internal phone space, and also This application cools the phone and treats it when the phone is used frequently, its temperature rises, and this works to damage the phone, but with this application the phone is completely cooled.

This application also works to save energy, as this application improves the phone’s energy and does not consume it quickly when in use. This application also provides the charging consumed by applications and social networking sites that remain on it throughout the day. It cleans the cache memory, and this matter works on the speed of the phone and its ability to run the system in an easy and fast way, and the Rapid Cleaner application cleans the phone first without giving it permission, as it works automatically by itself and without entering the application.

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This powerful application works to cool your phone in a very fast way, as the cooling treatment was developed through this application in order to reduce the temperature of the phone as quickly as possible, and this leads to preserving the phone and also preserving the battery’s validity from damage in a short time, so the cooling will work It extends battery life and also speeds up the phone in a big way.

This application also works to automatically get rid of all unnecessary files and applications on your phone, which can disrupt the work of the phone and slow down its productivity. It advises you to scan certain applications that can harm your phone and hack it, so it shows you all these things in an easy and simple way, and this application also works to save charge and battery, as it removes all backgrounds and processes that appear on the screen that consume a lot of charge, so this matter works to save even charge The phone does not stop you suddenly at an important time and the phone stays charged with you all day.

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Rapid Cleaner features, latest version

  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • This app boosts and speeds up your phone in a way that you can’t possibly comprehend.
  • This application is very useful and makes the phone completely safe from any hack or malicious applications.
  • This application does not require a large space, but its size is small and is compatible with all Android phones.
  • This application has been downloaded by many people, and this indicates its success and spread all over the world.

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