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Samsung Health Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to manage your health simply.

Samsung Health application for Android This wonderful application helps you in revitalizing your body and restoring your physical fitness, as it gives you many tips that you must do daily by activating your body and teaches you sports that are beneficial to you, so you can record on this application your health condition and it works to follow your healthy lifestyle as it gives you All the activities that you must do and the strategies that you follow daily. This application also monitors your health and provides you with all the tips that you must follow. This application is like a nutritional doctor with you at home, alerting you to many things that you must follow and not be lazy about. You can use it now and maintain your health.

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This wonderful and distinctive application makes you follow a certain lifestyle in order to maintain your health and physical fitness and activate your body daily. It gives you tips that help you build your body, and also introduces you to the nutritional food that you should eat, unhelpful foods, and foods that have a large percentage of fat. It determines the amount of food you eat and informs you, as well as the amount of calories in all foods. It also gives you the exact quantities that you should eat and know the water that you should consume daily and that the body needs. It is an application that contains many amazing features and characteristics that you do not find in other apps. any other application.
This application helps you in establishing a balanced lifestyle, as it gives you all the advice and information that you want during your day in terms of exercises and activities that your body needs, and also makes you go on a diet to lose weight or to stabilize your weight on a certain number so that you do not gain weight while you do not feel, and it also features This application supports many languages, up to 70 different languages. You can choose the language that suits you so that you can easily understand the main menu inside it.

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This application works to monitor your daily health so that you always remain healthy and active, and also this application benefits people with heart diseases and diabetes who must follow a diet that benefits their health as it introduces them to activities that are appropriate for their health so that they do not make a great effort that harms them and their health only all that you have to do It is the recording of your physical health on this application, and it gives you all the tips daily on its own, as it helps you to maintain your health as the direct doctor who is with you at home.

Also, within this application there is monitoring of your sleep patterns, as it supports you with some health details that do not make you anxious during sleep and deepen in sleep. It also gives you scores that improve your sleep so that you can benefit from it and wake up active and energetic. It also gives you some powerful meditation that makes you relieve symptoms of stress. In addition, there are also many videos and exercises for all programs that contain fitness from international trainers within this application.

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Features of the Samsung Health app, the latest version

Among the most important features of downloading the Samsung Health apk, the latest version for Android mobile, are the following:

  • This application is easy to use because it has a simple main interface in which there is no complication.
  • This app has a home screen that makes it easy for you to control and manage your health.
  • This application features support for many languages ​​up to 70 languages.
  • This application relies on complete security while entering any personal information or data on it.
  • This app is like a home doctor who manages your health and knows what’s right for you.
  • This application is light on the device and is compatible with all Android phones.
  • This application is free upon download.

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