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SimpleLogin | Anti-spam

1.19.1 Android 4.4+
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This application enables you to edit the names as you wish.

SimpleLogin | Anti-spam is one of the most important applications that help you protect your e-mail, as through the application you use an alias for your e-mail that you enter each time when requested instead of entering the original e-mail; Even you can protect email, so everyone should download the app; Even protects his mail.

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Simple Login | Anti-spam greatly protects your e-mail, as all messages received by the alias e-mail are directed to your original mail, in addition to that you can send all messages using the alias of the mail and not the original mail.

You can use the pseudonym to subscribe to the newsletter or sign up for any new account, or in the event that someone asks you for your e-mail and you do not trust this person, in addition to that you can delete or block any pseudonym in the event that this The name is not desirable.

Explanation of the Simple Log Anti-Spam application for mobile

You can easily download the application through the direct link below or by searching for the application in Google Play, downloading the application and benefiting from all the features provided by the application, as the email alias protects you from any unwanted sender, or any hacker , it is an e-mail protection.

The application is characterized by the fact that its source is open and you can run the application on any server, the application contains a set of many powerful features, as it is considered one of the free applications, in addition to that it offers a custom domain, or a comprehensive alias, and helps you manage all aliases through Delete or disable any pseudonym or replace it with any other name.

Simple Login | Anti-spam manages all your electronic addresses by making a default mailbox, in addition to that you can create an alias for your email without having to leave the browser you are using, and you can log in very securely by using two-factor authentication between the original mail and nickname.

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SimpleLogin Application Features | Anti-spam apk for Android latest version

SimpleLogin | Anti-spam apk has many features, the most important of which are the following:

  • The application helps you protect your e-mail from hackers and hackers.
  • Through the application you can manage all your contacts, where you can create contacts; So that the email is sent from your email alias.
  • You can manage all mailboxes, where you can create or delete any mail of your own and create a private mailbox for the default.
  • You can easily create your own email alias without having to leave your browser.
  • You can log in in a very secure way by activating two-factor authentication between the original email and the alias.
  • You can support self-hosting, where you can use this application with applications on your phone that are similar to the application.
  • The application is suitable for all ages, as it is suitable for children from three years of age or more.
  • There may be some ads within the application that are added by the application developer, but they are not considered annoying ads to users.
  • The application is distinguished by its small size, as it does not require a large space on your phone when downloading the application, as its size does not exceed 5.30 MB.

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