Slash of Sword 2 – Offline RPG

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Slash of Sword 2 – Offline RPG

1.93.2 Android 4.4 and later
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In this game you are punished for a crime you did not commit and you have to fight as punishment.

Slash of Sword 2 – offline RPG game for Android This game is one of the strategic games from which you learn fighting and the skills of entering into difficult adventures. This game is a place of exile in which you are punished for a crime that you did not commit in the first place. This place, you can see huge monsters trying to prey on you, but you must attack them and stay alive, and in this broken place you must take out all your strength and be careful because you will face many problems and your task in this game is to survive until you complete The tasks required of you Create a new experience that you have not lived in any game before through the game Slash of Sword 2 – offline RPG.

Slash of Sword 2 – offline RPG for Android

The story of this game revolves around accusing you of a crime that you did not do, and you were sentenced for this crime to be exiled in a detached place where there are only thieves and predators and the absence of food and drink in this place. You are in a complex place where you only find bandits, so in this game you must remain Alive and do not let any of these thieves and thieves get you and eliminate you. You must take care of them and explore the place where you are in order to spread justice and return to your country after completing your tasks.

In this game, you must deal with all people and interact with them until they believe that you are one of them and one of their gang, so that they give you security and do not kill you. You must show your loyalty to them, so you must help them in everything. You will find in the first tasks required of you in this place of exile that you meet A wounded man of thieves must help him in order for him to secure you and make you one of his men, and also you will find a great treasure in this place that you must tell the chief thief about in order to make him part of his gang team, so you must penetrate inside them in order to know their secrets and be able to reveal them and eliminate them As soon as possible, you will find a large gang working on theft, looting and kidnapping girls from their parents, so you must work to return these kidnapped people to their families and take the right decision and eliminate this place of exile.

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In this game, you will meet many people, including thieves, including the survivors, so you must gather all these survivors and work as one team in order to eliminate these thieves and kill them until justice returns to the hero who is punished for a crime that is not the perpetrator. The main goal in this game is to restore honor To the hero of the game to achieve justice, and then completely eliminate these evil enemies and robbers.

In this game, you will be able to collect many weapons that help you get rid of these bad guys and eliminate them with ease, as there are many levels in this game and each level has its own tasks, so this game is not easy as some people think, but it is complex and requires strong concentration Especially when fighting these enemies.

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Features of Slash of Sword 2 – offline RPG latest version

  • This game is distinguished by its high-quality graphics that make you fight in the real reality and enter the truly real adventures.
  • This game is free to download and does not require any payment fees.
  • This game has been downloaded by many people in a short period of time, and this indicates its great success, and it is constantly updated.
  • This game does not need much space on the phone.
  • This game is compatible with all Android phones, as it is not heavy on the device.

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