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Smart Doc Scanner without ads

2.0.683 Android 4.4 and later
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This application helps you to digitize files in a very perfect way.

Smart Doc Scanner application for Android We are now on a date with the most powerful applications that process images and save them in PDF document format and also save them in DOC document format, as this application features an intuitive main interface that you can use to process images in an easy and simple way. It gets better, and this application processes images and makes them clear thanks to the enhancers inside it so that it produces a PDF or DOC file for you in an accurate way that looks like real text printing. It is the best document organization application that you can depend on.

Smart Doc Scanner app for Android

This unique application supports more than one language, as it works on optical recognition of the characters in which the text is written and can convert this text into any language you want, as it saves you time and effort in translating texts and formatting them after that into a document, so you can do all this within the application, and it also works This application enlarges the texts that you want clear and has colors in which the texts can be formed to any color you prefer, and also this application works to expose and enlarge the font, and it has many advantages that can help you in your work, this application is very suitable for written work that needs to pdf or doc documents.

Inside this application there is a scanner that scans and processes images. All you have to do is choose the images that you want to scan from your phone’s gallery and choose them in this application so that it provides you with the best images and you will notice the difference before and after processing the image. This application has many uses. You can use it at work and format files, and you can use it to edit personal photos, and you can also take pictures with it in certain situations, such as portraiture and landscape, and also this application works to modify images, cut them, or reduce them, and adjust them until you display them on specific pages or even on social networking sites .

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Smart Doc Scanner application works to import images from your gallery with ease and format them in a pdf file, and you can also put a ready pdf file on this document and add the texts you want or delete some texts from it that you do not want and there is also page numbering in this The application This application adjusts the size of the page, it can enlarge it, it can make it a thumbnail image that you use as a cover for the document, you can copy pages from one document and move them to another document, or add pages.

This application works on the great ability to adjust the various properties of the document, there are various documents in their writing and accuracy, as well as their pages, as it works to format all these pages and makes them in one size, and you can extract a page from any document you want and save it as an individual image by itself, and this application is characterized by saving An automatic backup of all the photos and documents you put on it so that you can easily restore them again if you lose them.

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Smart Doc Scanner application features latest version

  • This application is distinguished by many features, as it is a free application and does not require any payment fees when downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • This application allows you to easily and simply format images and save them as a PDF or DOC document.
  • This application features an easy main interface that you can deal with when you download the application for the first time, as there is no complication in it.
  • This application works without the net.
  • You can format the words within the images in the size you want.
  • This app is a scanner that processes and enhances images in a very cool way.

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