Stable screen recorder with clear sound – GU

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Stable screen recorder with clear sound – GU

3.4.1 Android 4.4 and later

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This application enables you to record videos and calls very accurately.

Fixed screen recorder application with clear voice – GU for Android This application works to record the screen in the form of a video clip in a high quality way, so if you want to explain anything on your screen you can use this application as it works to record a successful video clip as there are a lot of applications that record the screen There is also an automatic application on modern Android phones, but all of these applications do not record the screen with sound, as it is a video recorder, but only an image, but with this application you can record a video of a sound and image screen explaining what you want simply.

Stable screen recorder app with clear sound – GU for Android

This distinctive application works on a fixed screen recording, as it records anything on your phone, through which you can record anything on your phone, so you can record a video call on your phone, and you can also record live shows that are on social networking sites, and you can also record A game and the events that you take place within this game so that you can show it to your friends and share these events with them.

You can also record a video of a movie or series that is special to you, this application will serve you by recording a video in an easy and simple way and it is pure and of high quality. About the normal size of the phone, it merges and compresses the video when recording the screen so that it does not consume a large amount of phone storage, and this application also works to save battery consumption, as it is really a distinguished application that deserves to be downloaded immediately.

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This application works to record video clips with sound, which makes it easier for you to create online educational clips in which you explain everything you want with sound and image, even if the student saw it, he understood the explanation in an easy way, the teacher was standing in front of him and explaining to him. This application also helps to hide anything on the screen while recording a video For the screen, it can hide all the floating windows on the screen with one click, and it can also remove any notifications or applications installed at the top of the screen in order to record a full-screen video that is clear and pure, with the highest quality and powerful sound.

In this application, you can use the notification panel in order to control the recording, and this application also features that supports recording internal audio when recording a screen recorded video, and also this application works to adjust the video resolution as it outputs a recorded video of 1080p, and this application also works to record The screen automatically rotates vertically or horizontally, only you have to set the counting time during screen recording, and when you stop, you have to shake the screen only, and you can also return to resume screen video recording again at any time you want.

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Features of the application of a stable screen recorder application with clear sound – GU latest version

  • This application features a magic brush that enables you to write on the screen when recording or draw anything you want, and you can choose the color of writing or drawing as it contains many colors.
  • This application makes you go back to the application that you registered and the application was closed during registration, so you will find it within the application with ease.
  • This application is characterized by high quality video compression and a very excellent image.
  • This application can convert video to mp3 in an easy and simple way.
  • This application also allows you to capture the screen with a clear, high-quality image.

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