The Survival Days: Zombie Game

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The Survival Days: Zombie Game

1.0.1 Android 4.4 and later
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This game is one of the best action and horror games ever.

The Survival Days: Zombie Game for Android is one of the best horror games on the scene, as it enables you to enjoy the best times in great excitement and great combat.

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The Survivor Days: Zombie Game for Android This game is one of the best adventure and shooting games that you can play. It requires you to survive in a world full of savage zombies that want to kill you. You must survive and fight these zombies and complete the tasks required of you within the game in order to unlock new levels for you. Where inside this game there are many levels and the tasks of each level differ from the other, so you must complete the tasks required of you. You survive until the next level unlocks, you can enjoy the mystery and suspense of The Survivor Days: Zombie Game now.

The Survivor Days: Zombie Game for Android

This game is designed in such a grandiose way that you will play in real reality against real beings. Where the design team worked on designing the graphics of this game in a way that simulates reality. The colors of the game are characterized by a modern way that gives more real excitement within the game, and they also worked on putting music that makes you live in an atmosphere of mystery and fear. Also, it is a game like no other at all.

This game is a game about fighting zombies and predators and you must eliminate them because you are one of the survivors. And you must be alive and do not let zombies approach you so that you do not turn like them, and you must choose modern weapons that help you fight them. And you hide in places where it is difficult to find you, and also you must be wary of them, as they smell human blood, so you must distract them from you by using fighting predatory animals, cutting them and presenting them to them so that they do not follow your steps and are distracted by eating the meat of these animals, and you can carry out your tasks with ease and fight them in an easy way And simple.

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This game starts in a safe city, and you have to move around this city through the map that is with you inside the game, and if you want to stay alive for as long as possible, you must collect gold and the tools that you meet on your way, such as wood and materials that you use to build your city where there is In this game, there are many tasks, and among these tasks is building your city in which you place the tools that you collect and weapons, and in the place you build, you must work to build a large warehouse or weapons factory in order to help you fight zombies at any time and anywhere, and through gold and rewards that you collect On your way you have to upgrade your weapons and make them all modern in order to fight all zombies at once and with one blow.

After moving to different stages in this game, the land will change completely, so instead of you walking in a safe land in which you only have to collect gold, wood and tools that help you in building, you will find a disease spreading in this land, which is the plague disease that wiped out all human beings and this disease He made all the inhabitants of the city turn into zombies that live on human blood, and this city began to extinction, so that all humans do not end and turn into zombies. Your role here is to fight these zombies and save the rest of the people in this city.

Features of the game The Survivor Days latest version

  • This game is provided completely free of charge and there are no fees for downloading.
  • This game is distinguished by its attractive colors, high-quality graphics, and powerful graphics that shape the characters in a way that is realistic.
  • In this game, there are sound effects and music that make you live the atmosphere of fantasy and excitement so that you are closer to reality.
  • This game can be played without internet so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

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