Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App

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Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App

5.5.8 Android 4.4 and later
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This app is a premium scanner app.

Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App for Android This app scans all documents and images. It helps you in your work, especially if this work requires a lot of compressed documents, and it can also help you in your studies. You will need it in doing research or compressing the files and documents that you want, so you will find with you a pdf scanning application in your hands that you use in all paperwork, as it does not specify for you specific numbers of documents that you want to scan, so you can scan documents and convert them to pdf in an infinitely large number for him.

Download the Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App for Android, with a direct link

The distinctive scanner application makes you easily scan many images and upload them to a pdf document, where inside this application there are many advantages that make you use it in your work, in your studies, or in your ordinary life. Through this application, you can write certain articles and compress them in a pdf document inside This application works on printing it afterwards so that you have your own book, as it is a simple tool that makes it easy for you to write and publish as well.

Inside this application there are certain formats in which articles can be written, and you can change the size of the writing and also change the color of the writing as well, with the thing you prefer, and also this application works to set the pages within the document in multiple sizes and can make them in one size and you can allocate certain pages to make them a different size from the rest Pages is really a perfect application and serves all people.

Download Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App for Android

Now with the Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App, you can improve your work in a short time, thanks to the artificial intelligence feature inside this application, as it saves you many steps that you used to do when compressing and scanning a pdf file, and also there are many languages ​​inside this application You can select the specific pages or the entire document whose language you want to change, as it changes the language in a flash.

Inside this application, there is handwriting recognition, copying articles, and sharing them on any other site or application you want. You can also write within this application in a word manner. This application also allows you to quickly scan documents and files and compress files in a quick way. If you are facing any problem while printing a document This problem can be solved quickly on your phone using this unique application, and inside this application there is a large space in which you can save documents and files, as this application gives you complete freedom to put an endless number inside it, and also through it you can search for any old document that you have By writing it previously, it shows it to you when you type its name in the search bar, and also the article can appear to you through its date or title, so do not lose sight of this application. You must download it to your phone immediately.

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Features of the Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App latest version

  • This application is characterized by scanning all documents without any effort or much time.
  • It compresses all documents and large files.
  • Inside it there is a large storage capacity that holds an infinite number of them.
  • This application does not need the Internet when using it.
  • This application is free and does not require any payment fees when downloading it from the store.
  • This application has been downloaded by many people and this indicates its great benefit.

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