VMOS Pro – Virtual Root

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VMOS Pro – Virtual Root

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An emulator program to run root applications on Android devices

VMOS Pro, download the VMOS Pro app for Android with a direct link for free from Apkxi, the program to run root applications on Android without the need to root the device.

Rooting or rooting Android phones recently released with modern Android systems has become complicated and fraught with many risks, due to the provision of these phones with many layers of protection that are added to the operating system in every update. Also, some phone companies do not allow the bootloader to be unlocked, such as Huawei. Here, you will not be able to use applications that require root powers on your phone without rooting the device, but there are some programs that are specially designed to solve this problem, as they enable you to use all root applications without the need to root the phone or give it real root powers. One of the most famous of these programs is the Chinese VMOS Virtual Root application to run root applications on Android phones.

Download the original VMOS Pro APK, the latest version for Android devices, with a direct link for free

Download the original VMOS Pro program for Android, the latest version, to run applications that need root access without rooting the phone. The program creates a virtual system on your device with root powers to run any other program without rooting the phone, so you have more than one system on your phone. The program will not affect the main operating system of the phone, as the root will only exist in the default system that the program creates.

VOMS gives you an additional system besides the phone’s official operating system. The application is free and does not require much storage space. Downloading and installing the application requires minimum phone capabilities, including 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage space, and Android 5.1 or higher.

Downloading the Chinese Famous program gives you root powers while avoiding rooting damage to the phone platform, which may expose your device to damage as a result of executing wrong instructions while performing the rooting process. It also exposes you to the loss of the company’s warranty for the phone, as well as the inability to install upcoming updates for the Android version. In addition to causing system security vulnerabilities, thus putting your phone and data at risk.

It is worth noting that the VMOS application may not be able to perform the heavy or complex tasks that the real root rights give you, but you can perform many tasks with the VMOS Pro application perfectly.

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Features of downloading VMOS Pro latest version for Android devices

Downloading Famous Pro ROM gives you many features that will enable you to perform many tasks that are granted to you by root powers.

Among the most important features of the VMOS Pro application:

  • VMOS Pro is an application dedicated to creating a virtual operating system on an Android device, with the possibility of simultaneous operation of the systems on the phone.
  • VMOS PRO Virtual Root makes a system completely independent of the real phone system, so that no files or applications installed on it can damage your phone’s main system or affect it in any way.
  • Apps installed in the default system cannot get your private data or hack your privacy.
  • The user can switch between the real system and the virtual system.
  • Data and applications are stored locally.
  • The possibility of cloning applications from the real phone system to the virtual system within the program.
  • You can download and install all unsafe files or applications in the virtual system of VMOS Pro. You can also run apps or games that you cannot run on the original Android version on the phone.
  • The application ensures that users’ privacy and system security are maintained.
  • You can run all applications through the floating window.
  • Famous Pro supports many languages, including Arabic.
  • It also supports installing applications and games from your phone.
  • The program is free, small in size, easy to download and install, and very fast.
  • The application is light and does not affect the performance of the phone.
  • Run all applications that require root permissions, without the need to root or root your phone, and the consequent risks.

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Explanation of the VMOS application for rooting on Android devices

When you install VMOS for Android on your phone, the app will create additional space on the phone that contains the pre-rooted “Android 5.1” system, all within the app, so you can easily switch back to your phone’s platform.

You can copy the applications on your phone’s platform, and install them on the default system running the VOMS application. Open the default file transfer application VMOS File Transfer, then choose the applications you want to install from the platform.

You can activate root privileges within the VMOS Virtual Root application from the programmer’s options as follows:

  • Open the settings in the default VMOS, then click on the “about phone” option.
  • Click “Build Number” 7 times in a row until you see the phrase “You are now a programmer”.
  • You will find an additional option added inside the settings, which is “Developer Options”.
  • Click on “Programmer Options” and select “Root”, and turn it on.
  • Reboot the default system within the application, and you will get all root privileges within the default system.
  • You can also control and change the screen resolution from within the virtual VMOS.

Download the Chinese emulator application VMOS Pro is one of the unique and safe programs that gives you a virtual system along with the main system on your phone, so that you can benefit from the root privileges without suffering any damages.

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