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Arena breakout lite Android 6 and above
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Adventure and action game

Arena Breakout lite is a fun and entertaining game that can be downloaded for free on Android smartphones through our website Apkxi, which provides a direct download link to it.

Arena Breakout lite contains a huge collection of brilliant levels that require the player to use his skills and intelligence to win each stage and thus the player must use the ball and paddle wisely to smash the barriers and reach the required target.

In addition, this game is characterized by its distinctive and attractive design that makes the player feel addictive to play. It also contains a lot of beautiful sound effects, lively and exciting music, and other features that we will talk about in detail

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Download game Arena Breakout lite for Android

This game was developed and programmed by Tencent Games, which is one of the largest game companies in the world, in addition to developing the famous PUBG game in the battle for survival.

Therefore, the company was keen to develop this game with the purpose of changing the mindset about first-person shooter and survival games, as the plot has never been one of the most important events for players. Due to the nature of focusing on the fighting part from one user to another

Therefore, in this game, I worked to provide the most easy-to-understand way, in which players will comprehensively interpret and summarize information about wars between factions or forces. Scattered stats for different regions and NPCs are also included to pique the player’s curiosity.

Play features Arena Breakout lite for Android

The game right from the start shows some of its quality and greatness in fact, that is because it creates a series of maps as well as different environmental landscapes the dynamic and freedom needed for a survival shooter.

In addition, providing many diverse functions to create and decorate characters based on appearance and personality, such as hair, tattoos, and face correction, are also of very high quality.

Subsequently, it can be said that for any shooter game, the weapon system and equipment are and will always be the primary concern of any player, but in fact this game outperforms many of its competitors in terms of providing players with a large number of great weapons.

However, the rebound characteristics, damage and simulated accuracy are perfectly reproduced. Accompanied by a series of upgraded equipment and accessories such as silencers, auxiliary magazines and gas cylinder stabilizers, all this and more in order to allow players to have a more realistic experience when they come to this game.

Secondly, the outstanding feature that should not be overlooked is that the developer Tencent has taken the ease of use to the advanced level as they have added various functions of the state of statistics as a deep style RPG.

For example, reducing the accuracy of guns when hitting, getting tired when moving constantly, or limiting the number of items that can be carried, all of this brings a completely different experience than before. In this regard, Arena Breakout lite is far ahead of other competitors in the same genre.

Also, in Arena Breakout lite, players can hide and use all the equipment they find to find their way out. From here, you can also reduce round loading times as well as tactical repetition in each match.

Get ready now

Load your backpack with supplies and ammo, or travel empty for maximum mobility. Light or heavy, it’s all up to you.

Ultimate advanced weapons

Customize your firearm of choice with the Ultimate Gunsmithing System. Mix and match over 700 weapons to fit over 10 mod slots.


Dynamic real-time rendering for realistic light and shadow effects, Volumetric Cloud technologies, and over 1,200 sound effects immerse players in console-quality visuals and sound on mobile.

Game features Arena Breakout lite for Android

  • The game comes completely free of charge, and you can download it through the download links on our Apkxi website
  • The game is characterized by its distinctive and attractive design that makes the player feel addictive to play, and the game also contains beautiful sound effects and music full of vitality and excitement.
  • The game has a set of brilliant levels that require the player to use his skills and intelligence to win each stage.
  • The player can improve his skills in the game by using advanced weapons, in which he must control the battlefield and then reach the required target
  • Moreover, the game is characterized by ease of use and smooth performance, as it is easily controlled through the screen, which enables the player to move weapons and control the battlefield easily.
  • The game also features the ability to save the player’s progress and continue playing from the same stage after restarting the application


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