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This application enables you to learn many different languages.

You can learn many languages ​​with ease after downloading the Beelinguapp: Learn Languages ​​for Android application. You can learn German, French, Spanish, Turkish, and other languages ​​easily through the application, as the application provides you with the ability to read and listen to many stories in various languages, in addition to You can read or listen to the audio in any language you want to learn this language with ease.

Beelinguapp: learn languages ​​for Android

Beelinguapp: Learn Languages ​​is a free application that helps you learn the language quickly in a way that suits you. If you prefer learning through audio, the application provides you with the ability to listen to stories in different languages, or you can choose to read stories and novels to children and the ability to learn the language By reading stories, it is an easy-to-use application, and at the same time it is very interesting for anyone who wants to learn a new language. You can use your own language at first as a guide for you, and then through the application you can learn many languages.

The application provides you with the ability to read any story by using your own language if you want to know the meaning of a particular word or sentence, in addition to that it provides an audio book feature that contains a very large group of languages ​​that helps you listen to any language you want to learn, In addition to helping you listen to any language even if your phone is in sleep mode, the audiobook also contains a set of animations that help you confirm the phrases they are saying.

Download Beelinguapp: Learn Languages ​​apk for mobile

You can download the application in a very simple way by clicking on the direct download link that is located below, then you can go directly to the download page and press the download button and wait a while until the application download is completed, and after the download is complete you must press the application install button ; In order for the application to be activated correctly on the phone, and after successful installation, you can open the application and agree to all the permissions that the application needs so that you can enjoy all the services provided by the application.

After opening the application, you can learn languages ​​by choosing a group of stories that you want to read, then after that you can diversify the languages, in addition to that you can sort a level, and thus the language learning process will be easier, in addition to that you can learn many new languages ​​by By reading many different stories at the same time, the application provides you with the ability to learn languages ​​at your own pace, thus enabling you to learn any language at the time that suits you without feeling bored.

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Beelinguapp features: Learn languages ​​of the latest version

The application is characterized by a very wide range of features, the most important of which are the following:

  • The app helps you learn languages ​​in an innovative way by reading lots of stories.
  • In addition, it helps you to present the story in two different languages, and you can watch the subtitles so that you can learn quickly.
  • The application contains four levels, you can choose the appropriate level for you from beginner, intermediate or advanced level.
  • The application supports many languages, such as English, Turkish, Chinese, and others.
  • The application supports many different fields such as short stories, children’s stories, travel stories, and others.
  • The application provides you with the ability to listen to the story in two different languages ​​at the same time; So you can know the correct pronunciation of words and know the meaning of words.

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