Calorie Counter App: Fooducate

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Calorie Counter App: Fooducate

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This application is one of the sports applications that help you improve your weight.

Calorie Counter App: Fooducate for Android This application works to detect the quality of food that you buy from stores and supermarkets by scanning the barcode on the product that you buy so that you do not buy any food that is not healthy or close to expiration, and this application also shows you healthy food What you should eat and unhealthy food, and also informs you about the foods that you need to lose weight and if you buy food that increases the weight, it alerts you, and this application also gives advice on all the foods that we must use constantly, as it informs you a lot of information about foods and their correct components to build the body, so it is an ideal application You can enjoy all its features now.

Calorie Counter App: Fooducate for Android

This basic application that introduces you to all the healthy foods suitable for your body, and through it you can track the calories in all foods and introduce you to the appropriate calories for your body. You want to get rid of excess fat in your body, and there are many videos for making healthy, saturated foods that benefit your health and do not gain weight. You can download this application and start with it from today.

This application works to track the diet that you follow, as it is very useful for people with heart diseases and diabetes, as they must follow a healthy diet so that they do not have any problems and deterioration in their health due to harmful food or excess fat. This application also works on snacks that are suitable for Your health, as well as the daily amount of water that you should drink, it is a multi-featured application with many tips.

Download Calorie Counter App: Fooducate apk for Android mobile

Through this application, you can scan the barcode on all foods that you buy from abroad in order to reveal many things that the manufacturers of these foods did not show you, as it shows you all the information about this food so that it is not harmful to your health and the health of your children, and also knows you if this Food is nutritional and has benefits or not, but there are some processed things that are included in foods in stores and supermarkets that you do not know anything about, such as trans fats or the percentage of food coloring that causes great harm to the body and many diseases if it is exceeded.

This application can explain to you many things about different foods, and this application has won many awards and is recommended by doctors and nutritionists. Which must be in the body, and if these percentages increase, it affects the heart and works to block the arteries, so it is like a diet doctor with you at home.

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Features of the Calorie Counter App: Fooducate latest version

  • You can lose weight from within this app by recording your age, weight and height.
  • This app shows you unhealthy processed foods for you to avoid.
  • This application scans the barcodes on foreign foods and shows you all the harm or benefit found in these foods.
  • You can follow a diet through videos provided by this application.
  • There are healthy foods suitable for people with diabetes and heart disease.
  • This application makes you control the level of cholesterol in the blood so that it does not exceed the normal rate and harm the body and the heart.

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