Child Growth Tracker

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Child Growth Tracker

2023.01.a Android 4.4 and later
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This application measures children’s weight and height in an ideal way.

Child Growth Tracker application for Android This application takes care of the child’s growth so that it is always healthy, as it follows the child from the beginning of his birth until adulthood, as it helps mothers in many matters and makes them follow a tight plan so that their children grow healthy, as this application measures weight and height in a manner It continues for the child and also works to register a page for this child or many pages for all the children that you register on this application so that the mother discovers the continuous development that her child is progressing to, through the advice that this application provides to the mother, so all mothers must download this application on their phones in order to keep on the growth and health of their children.

Child Growth Tracker app for Android

Within this application there are many features that help parents in the development of their children’s growth in a correct manner so that they can grow up while they are in good health, with a mature and sound mind and a strong body, as within this application there are many records such as a record of weight and height measurement, as well as a record of the head circumference of the child from the first day of His birth so that the mother follows the circumference of the head so that she knows if her child is healthy and growing in a good way or has anything in it, it helps all mothers to discover the lack of growth in children very quickly so that they do not have complications that develop and work on the deterioration of the child’s condition after that, as it is a distinguished application that helps all Mothers, especially newcomers.

This application is like a doctor with you at home, instead of going to the pediatrician in a continuous manner until every mother is assured of the health of her child and whether he is growing in a good way or has any complications, this application helps you in this matter instead of wasting time and effort and spending a lot of money, as it has all The advantages that a pediatrician can offer you.

Download Child Growth Tracker apk for Android mobile

The Child Growth Tracker application is one of the most important applications that care about the health and development of the child. You can save all the data that appears on the application in pdf format so that you can keep it or discuss it with your child’s specialist doctor. This application is easy to use. You can export and import data from within it with ease. There is data saved inside it in SV format, and you can also compare the developments that your child reaches through this application. This application also allows you to record the parent’s data on it and compare the genetic genes between the child and the parent.

This application works to store all the data inside it with ease, and there is also a backup feature so that you can recover any file that you recorded and lost with ease. This application also supports many different languages ​​in order to suit all countries. View the proportions of your child’s growth in a percentage manner, and it shows you the percentage of growth that your child should have when recording his age and writing his date of birth.

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Features of Child Growth Tracker latest version:

  • This application is completely free and does not require any subscription fees when downloading.
  • This application has been downloaded by many people from all over the world because it supports many languages.
  • This application outputs the percentages of growth in degrees in front of the table designated for the child.
  • This application customizes the chart of the table with different colors so that the mother can differentiate between the child’s development in the different stages.
  • This application is a successful children’s development project known all over the world.
  • This application shows the growth percentages of the child by recording the date of his birth within the table.

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