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Coffee Stack

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This game lets you simply enjoy stacking coffee mugs.

Coffee Stack game for Android It is known that all people start their day with a cup of coffee and the day does not go without drinking this cup, so the developers created the Coffee Stack game so that you can do it and present it to people in this game and ask you to prepare a certain cup of coffee and present it to people who ask you inside The game and you must collect the largest number of people that want to drink coffee until a large amount of money that works to upgrade your coffee and open many places instead of one place.

Coffee Stack apk game for Android

This game is one of the entertainment games and also one of the games that make you take responsibility for yourself through serious work. You will grow up and have many places to sell coffee, so you must collect as many workers as possible so that they can taste your own coffee and know all their friends and colleagues at work so that they buy from you Coffee after that, and you must be quick in making coffee so that the customer does not get tired of waiting. You must satisfy all the customers and make coffee with a good taste so that he comes every morning to your coffee shop and brings many other people with him.

In this game, you must avoid the difficulties that you see inside it, as there are many hands that pick up the coffee before you, so you must accomplish the work of coffee and pick it up before anyone until you want to sell it at a high price and win a lot of money, there are many people inside the game that work hard so as not to Pick up the coffee that comes down in front of you, but be quick and pick up the coffee and put the appropriate cover on it and serve it to the largest number of people so that you can collect a lot of money and not lose the game in the end.

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The Coffee Stack game has many advantages, as the game is in the form of a runway or a ladder that shows numbers of coffee cups, so when these cups appear, you must pick them up immediately in order to collect the largest number of these cups and sell them at a high price until you get unlimited money. And after picking up the cups, you must cover them and distribute them to the customers in the store, and the faster you pick up more cups of coffee, the more people will buy this coffee from you, so all you have to do inside this game is to move the cup left or right when It appears on the runway, and you must be careful of all the difficulties that you see in this game in order not to lose it.

After collecting the largest number of money, you can open different stores in which you sell coffee in order to earn more and more money, but you must make sure of the number of cups that appear in front of you and that you can actually provide many cups for all the people and workers who ask you for coffee so that you do not open other stores And you are not able to serve these customers because there are not enough cups for them.

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Features of the game Coffee Stack latest mobile version

  • Through this game, it is possible to provide drinks other than coffee so that you can fill the needs of customers and win a lot of money.
  • There are different types of coffee that you offer, there are flavored coffees, there is plain coffee, and there is ground coffee. All of these types must be available to you in order to serve each customer and his own taste.
  • This game is suitable for all ages, it is very entertaining and fun.
  • This game is downloaded without any subscription or payment fees.
  • This game does not need a lot of space, as it is small in size and is compatible with all Android phones.

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