File Recovery – Restore Files

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File Recovery – Restore Files

1.5.1 Android 7.0 and later
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File recovery app for Android

File Recovery – Restore Files is a program used to recover files deleted by your smartphone developed by the well-known company File Tech, so if you have lost important files from your Android device, you can use this program to get them back instantly

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Download File Recovery – Restore Files for Android

Sometimes you accidentally delete some important data that you may really want to recover, but you may find the way difficult, especially with the large number of misleading programs that are of the same type n, but here comes the role of this program that will enable you to recover videos, photos and contacts

Enjoy your screen experience in peace of mind at all times, knowing that everything on your device is properly and truly backed up. Don’t get caught up in unexpected events that lead to important data. With this amazing mobile application, you just have to do a few things right in front of your face and recover the selected files or all the data has been deleted.

What does a program do File Recovery – Restore Files for Android?

File Recovery – Restore Files program is specialized in recovering videos, photos and contacts, in addition to that it provides many powerful features that allow you to easily recover deleted photos, private WhatsApp messages and thus, it allows you to enjoy every second on your device without worry.

Thus you can now be sure that your important data will not be lost by accident. The app will attempt to scan your device for any recently deleted data, including calls, videos, contacts, and other important files. Then you can access the results list, which includes all the data that can be restored. Feel free to use the filters to make your selection easier and start recovering your data easily.

How to recover deleted files through the program?

When you accidentally or intentionally delete a file, it is hidden in the device and not shown in the regular folders. And here comes the role of the File Recovery – Restore Files program in recovering these deleted files.

The program allows you to recover deleted files quickly and easily, and also supports recovering deleted files from the device’s internal memory and from an external SD card.

In addition, users do not need any special skills to use the software, once downloaded and installed on the device, they can easily find and recover deleted files.

Program properties File Recovery – Restore Files for Android?

This application has a lot of features and features that cannot be listed in a few lines, and the most prominent of these features are the following:

Interactive screens for all files

With the collected results, you can easily access the system and search the files in the list very easily. Feel free to search for images with intuitive thumbnails, file formats, and file sizes so you can easily jot them down. The collected contacts will display the exact contact name and phone number to enable users to see what has been deleted.

In addition, File Recovery – Restore Files features a simple and easy-to-use user interface, which makes it suitable for users with different levels of experience with the applications. Several simple options are provided to search for deleted files, making it easier to find and recover them.

Useful filters to facilitate access to files

Through the filters available in File Recovery – Restore Files, users can make better use of the scan results and quickly find the important files they want to keep.

In addition to adding an option to filter files by size, file type, and date to make it easier to make a lot of decisions and retrieve selected files

Simple restore function to work with

To enable the recovery option in File Recovery – Restore Files – Restore Videos, Photos and Contacts, just select the given file and click on the Restore option. This can easily be done on individual files and groups so you can work on them

Also works with a card your SD

With the latest update of File Recovery – Restore Files, users can recover files on their SD card just as they are on the internal storage.

Also, the program works with high speed and accuracy in recovering deleted files, which means that you can use it to recover important and incredibly important files

Quick or deep scan

There are options that are provided by the developers of the program. The first option is a full scan to find deleted files on the system quickly. This saves a lot of time and also recovers recently deleted files.

As for users who have deleted files ages ago, the deep search option with which you can easily search for photos, videos and contacts in minutes by allowing the app to search and read memory cache and thumbnails.

As for the devices that have been rooted for applications, there is a special option for them, which will enable them to work on it more efficiently. So feel free to dig deep into your memory to find your lost files and photos. and enable recovery options that are best for you

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