Gesture lock screen

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Gesture lock screen

2.1.0 Android 4.4+
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This application chooses the appropriate pattern and password for you.

Gesture Lock Screen application for Android You can now, through this application, lock your phone through engraving, drawing, or solid or transparent gestures. This application makes your phone completely safe and no one will see the secrets of your phone or enter the specific purposes that you do not want for anyone To view it, you can create a password or lock the phone through the pattern, and you can also put passwords on important applications in order to make sure that you are completely safe. This application makes you set the password that you want, whether it is letters, numbers or symbols, so it does not restrict you to anything. All freedom when using this application and lock the phone screen and applications through it.

Gesture Lock Screen app for Android

This application works to lock the phone screen and applications by using a pattern or password that contains symbols or numbers so that no intruder can look at your phone and the secrets you keep, and this application also takes a picture of the intruder who enters the password It also recognizes the intruder who enters the wrong personal identification numbers or fingerprint and then sends the captured image to this person through notifications to your e-mail, as it alerts you that a stranger is trying to unlock your phone and sends you his image.

This application works to hide important files so that no one finds them. This application also features securing your phone from hacking by anyone else so that your personal and bank account is safe. This application also works to show notifications on the locked phone screen as well as sends you unread messages from all Applications and missed calls, as well as the music player, all of these things are present on the main lock screen so that you do not have to unlock the phone and enter these applications.

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This application works to choose the appropriate pattern or password that contains several symbols or numbers so that you lock your phone so that no one who does not want to know your secrets looks at your phone, and there are also many features within this application that you can choose from within the settings You can set the digital clock on the lock screen and choose the distinctive shape from several shapes.

You can also write your name or any beautifully written emoji on the lock screen, and this application also shows you the battery percentage indicator, and there are also many themes for the keyboard that make your phone distinctive with its attractive graphics and colors, and you can also choose the seconds or minutes that You want the phone screen to be locked, so you can choose from one second to 24 hours, so you can choose all these things from within the settings.

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Features of the Gesture Lock Screen application, the latest version

  • This app sets pattern or password to lock the phone.
  • This application is characterized by protecting you from intruders looking at your phone and your secrets.
  • This application takes pictures of the intruder who enters the wrong pattern, passcode or fingerprint many times.
  • This app sends you a notification to your email with the picture of the intruder who wants to unlock your phone.
  • You can set a password or pattern on the important apps inside your phone.
  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading.

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