Heat Gear – Race & Drift World

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Heat Gear – Race & Drift World

0.7 Android 5.0 and later
evaluation 43 | 3.3
Street racing game and escape from the police

Heat Gear – Race & Drift World The exciting world of Heat Gear racing and drifting, exciting racing in an open world game and a huge variety of game modes. In addition to a large number of types and models of cars, and customization options for all elements according to the taste and preferences of players within the racing circuit. You will race in a big night city, which is the open race track, where you will enter into exciting competitions in the streets; Earn points and get great prizes by showing your driving and drifting skills in fun night atmosphere; To be one of the real professionals in the most powerful drift games 2022.

Download the racing game Heat Gear – Race & Drift World with a direct link

Download Heat Gear car racing game for Android for free, an exciting racing project to test your professional driving and drifting skills. Your car will drive through the city streets in every detail. You’ll clash with other street racers in Heat Gear – Drift game, as you overtake racers’ cars in the open world in realistic car and car racing for mobile.

Heat Gear Apk is a great racing arcade game from the GRAYPOW studio. You will take part in a dynamic car race without strict rules and restrictions. You will enter all locations of the open world, overcoming obstacles and trials. You will also perform exciting drifting actions and get the experience of traditional drifting games in a complete virtual environment with stunning visual design and excellent graphics in every detail, with great controls with simple tools and open racing tracks.

Description of the racing and simulation game Heat Gear race for Android

If you are a fan of 3D open world racing games, car driving games and simulation games, do not miss the Heat Gear Race Apk download from the direct download link for free from the Apkxi website. Choose your car and fully customize it, then select one of the exciting racing modes and start playing. You can play alone without an internet connection.

Heat Gear for Android allows you to fully customize cars with a selection of unprecedented options.

You can make a lot of changes to each vehicle, adjusting to your preferred parameters. You can also buy more new cars and unlock additional tuning options as you level up. In addition to changing the appearance of cars with different options such as paint color, customizing the car’s license plate and changing the sound systems.

The car racing game allows you to choose the mode of racing the way you want in the open world on a large map. Drive, customize and upgrade over 10 powerful and exciting racing cars. In addition to experiencing the action with intense realistic graphics.

Multiple and fun game modes within the Heat Gear Race Apk

Heat Gear – Race & Drift World mod apk offers you a large number of game types that allow you many fun racing modes. You will find 9 different game modes, differing in nature, characteristics and gameplay:

  • Split mode.
  • Circuit mode.
  • Drift mode- Drift mode.
  • Escape police mode.
  • Time mode.
  • Speed ​​mode.
  • Near miss mode.
  • Free drift mode
  • Max speed mode.

You can play this Heat Gear car racing game in drift and free drift offline modes. You will play the car drifting game, where you have to make strong turns and movements in the car for long periods during the race; To collect a lot of points.

You can also choose the mode of escaping from the police, who will pursue players who have clashed with other racers or committed a driving offense. You have to escape from the police units that are patrolling downtown.

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Controls and gameplay mechanics within Heat Gear Apk for Android phones

Heat Gear mod apk gives the player relative freedom of action, allowing him to implement any scenario and choose what suits him from the game modes and mechanics.

You can simply ride and enjoy the city views at night. You can also participate in competitions with other players and win valuable prizes.

In addition to practicing your drifting and drifting skills in the free drift modes, or a thrilling police chase in the police escape mode. The nature of the game, the final objective, the missions available, and the method of scoring depends on the game mode you choose.

The controls inside the game Heat Gear are simple traditional ones similar to similar car driving games. You’ll find the virtual steering wheel and the car’s moving arrows to control the movement. You will also find a brake button and a driving speed display with your location on the map.

The developers of the racing and simulation game Heat Gear – Race & Drift World present more than 10 cars. The racing cars inside the Heat Gear Android game cover different categories with unique characteristics. It also resembles real cars in every detail in a 3D model, taking into account all the technical features. The player can upgrade the car, improve its driving performance, and change the design as they wish.

Heat Gear Drift is not only a car racing game, drift game or car game, but rather a game that offers you a fun race with great semi-realistic graphics and a variety of game modes that cover the tastes of all players, with excellent animation and sound effects.

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