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Internet Cafe Simulator

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Internet cafe management simulation game

To you Download Internet Cafe Simulator game for Android It is an Internet Café Management Simulation game for Android devices developed by Cheesecake Dev

The game is one of the most simulated games on the ground, as it enables players to own, build and develop their own internet cafe while doing everything from A to Z, and therefore you will feel hardship, especially if you are not used to this type of game, but in the end it is the best game that has been recently launched and is popular Great next to endless adventures and thrills

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At first, you are an ordinary and ambitious man, and you dream of owning your own Internet cafe, and then you go to a city and rent an apartment in order to start your own business, and all you have is $20,000, “$10,000 you own and another $10,000 borrowed from the bank.”

And it requires you in the game Internet Cafe Simulator Being active, and this will not happen until after resting and eating, especially if there is a health number at the top of the screen in yellow. It tells you how strong you are and also gives you a warning if your health indicator is very weak, as you cannot work while you are tired.

In addition, you should eat something while following your diet and rest in your apartment

And remember that the larger the size of the cafe you dream of, the more you have to do to achieve this desire, in addition to dealing completely calmly with all the difficulties that you will face, in order to reach the goal you dream of.

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Internet Cafe Simulator Game Characteristics for Android

There are many distinct and fun features and features that the developer has worked on in order to increase the spread of the game among users around the world, especially for fans of this type of adventure, and among those characteristics are the following:

Realistic restaurant management

in Coffee shop simulator game Internet Cafe Simulator You will be able to manage restaurants in a realistic way that you do not expect, as you are required to do everything yourself, just as you do it on the ground

After you wake up, eat some of the meals in the refrigerator, and then open the apartment door, “but remember to close it tightly before going out,” and go down to the ground floor and reach your café.

There you can buy many foodstuffs, some used goods from the market, and other things that you will need, and after completing what you need, you must transport them yourself to the cafe

After that, you will be required to do many important activities that each individual performs on a daily basis, and you must be patient and complete the tasks if you want to become a successful person.

Learn money management

You must learn to manage your money and time in the game Internet Cafe Simulator And if you do not know that, you will gradually learn while doing the tasks required of you

As your Internet cafe is equipped with providing Internet services to customers throughout the city and thus charging fees for the form of the cafe and also the presence of many different services within your store such as public computers, gaming devices and kitchen utensils in order to provide food and drinks and some fast food to customers

After some time and all the money you can open your own music hall so you can attract a lot of customers

In addition, you should not waste money in unhelpful places or things, and you should learn and search for the best places to invest in.

Since you have money, but it is not sufficient, and despite this, you are required to buy important equipment and foodstuffs, as well as some of the tools that you need in your daily tasks.

Hire more employees

After you upgrade your skills and become your own restaurant with a large number of customers, at that time you cannot do everything alone

Therefore, you must appoint more employees for various services, whether it is purity or cleaning, or some of the employees specialized in management and others.

And while you get a large number of places that become your own in Cyber ​​simulator game There will be a lot of thefts, and therefore you must hire a number of security personnel in order to fix these problems and protect your money


In the game Internet Cafe Simulator Everything in front of you is 3D, detailed, and sharp, which helps to provide the feeling that you are living in a real world

Features of downloading the Internet Cafe Simulator game for Android

  • It comes completely free, and you can download the Internet Cafe Simulator gamefor Android through the links on our website apkxi
  • It enables you to play without the need to connect to the Internet, and thus enjoy it anytime and anywhere
  • There are many challenges and tasks that are asked of you periodically, and therefore you must be patient until you finish them and get what you want

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