Islamic capsules

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Islamic capsules

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This application contains a lot of Islamic content simply.

The application of Islamic capsules for Android This is a religious application in which there are many different religious sections that make you increase your knowledge of the Islamic religion and agree with it. It also contains the Holy Qur’an, the call to prayer and the supplications that you need in your entire life, as there are many hadiths of the Prophet and the electronic rosary, and there is a section in it Special for jurisprudence and general questions circulating in religion, as there is a special section for the stories of the prophets for children and adults and the entire biography of the Prophet, and also you find in it the invasions that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, fought with the companions, may God be pleased with them, as it is a comprehensive and complete application on the Islamic religion.

Download the application of Islamic capsules for Android

All you need from religious information and understanding in religion, you will find it inside the application of Islamic capsules, as it is a distinguished application when you enter it and read what is inside it, your heart will relax. Religious prayers that explain to you anything you want to learn, and there is also an electronic rosary that you can use at any time and any place. In anything that distracts you from the remembrance of God.

Also within this application there are many different and varied questions in the Islamic religion, and there are questions about the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an and many jurisprudential questions so that you can know many religious information and publish it to others so that they increase knowledge and knowledge of it, and there is also within this application all the stories of the prophets upon them Peace and the stories of the Companions, may God be pleased with them all, and other stories of those who had a good impact on Islam, so there is no need to buy many religious books, as we have collected most of the sections that you need to be familiar with the Islamic religion in this application.

Download the application of Islamic capsules for Android

An application of Islamic capsules that contains within it many different sections about the Islamic religion so that you can find inside it everything you need, and there are also inside it the noble hadiths of the Prophet, Sahih Muslim, Bukhari, the Forty Nawawi, all the invasions of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and some of the stories of the Companions that you read inside this application and live with as if you were living Already inside this era and you see the events of the story, and there is also within this application the interpretation of the Noble Qur’an so that you are aware of it.

One of the sections of the application of Islamic capsules is the section on Muslim jurisprudence, which includes many things in jurisprudence, such as the jurisprudence of prayer and fasting, and the jurisprudence of women. There are also many issues related to the purity of a Muslim, and there are also many issues about inheritance and the division of inheritance and various issues in the book of inheritance. There is also a section on rituals Hajj and Umrah, and inside this application you will also find a section for religious tones and chants. This is an application that knows a lot of religion, so you can download it immediately.

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Features of the application of Islamic capsules for Android

  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading.
  • This application is one of the most famous applications for the Islamic religion, as it has many features that you did not find in any other similar application.
  • Within this application there are many religious issues that you need in many matters in your life.
  • This application is constantly updated so that everyone is impressed.
  • This application aims to understand the religion and the great knowledge of this science, which is countless.
  • You can teach others with the knowledge you have gained from within this application so that you can publish what you have learned.

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