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1.5.0 Android 5.0 and later
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Action game and a mixture of firearms and bladed weapons

Download John Hero for Android for free, John Wick Hero is one of the best and most popular new action games for Android. Released by the company Superhero Academy, the game is based on the famous John Wick movie. The game relies on the use of reason, speed of decision-making, speed and flexibility of movement to win the game, as it offers a kind of tactical combat in the main story mode in many places and locations, so that John the Hero game greatly simulates reality. The game is the latest version of John Wick, and you can download it with a direct and fast link from the Apkxi website and run it on all Android devices.

Download John Hero Mobile game with a direct link for free

Download John Hero game for Android with the latest version, the action and fighting game based on the famous John Wick series of films. The game is one of the gang war games or Street Fighting, and it is a game from a third-person perspective.

John Hero is a fast strategy game based on action, good thinking and speed of reactions. You will think and strike like John Wick, who is the professional killer, the hero of the highly successful John Wick series of films, which prompted the developer to release the John Wick series of games, which we present to you here. Its latest versions are completely free. If you want to win the John Hero game, you have to make quick decisions with the speed of moving and choosing every move or attack you make, in grinding rounds of combat in real time.

You can download the game for free in APK format from the direct link above, and it is of a suitable size that fits all Android devices.

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Download John Wick game for Android John Wick Hero and the story of the game

The story of John Hero Mobile revolves around the legendary character John Wick, a hero with an uncanny ability to fight brilliantly.

John Wick tries to kill all the criminal gangsters and their bosses to save the city, which has been taken over by gangsters with corrupt army and police, the story of the John Wick movie series.

John Hero is one of the most exciting and fun games, as it is based on the idea of ​​playing in an open world, and trying to complete your missions in multiple places and locations, while being careful to avoid other killers and try to confront and eliminate them with quick movements.

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Gameplay and controls of the exciting action game John Hero Mobile

The John Wick Hero game requires diversification in the gameplay, and the use of many tools and alternatives to win direct battles, which will be the basic method of playing in the game John the Hero.

In John Hero, you have to use different moves and actions to defeat your enemies. You have to make the best decisions that improve your chances of hitting or defending with good cover from enemies. You can shoot your enemies using your pistol to eliminate them immediately, or engage them in fierce combat battles using your sword (Japanese katana sword), where you will deliver strong and successive blows until you eliminate your enemy.

As you progress in the game John Hero, you will get more super abilities and combat experience. You will also get more new weapons, costume options and locations. As you progress through the levels of the game, you will have many new and interesting battles. You will get more money after you win each round. You can use the money to buy more weapons and ammunition through the Shop, or upgrade your fighting abilities and get more superpowers in John Wick Hero.

The controls in John Hero or John Killer are very simple. You’ll find the character movement control button on the left of the screen, with which you’ll move your character like a chess piece in measured steps to avoid enemy attacks. On the right of the screen, you will also find buttons for combat tools and means, such as the strike button, the fire button, and so on. The game displays the number of hits you have dealt to your enemies and shows your progress in the fight at the bottom of the screen.

Features of downloading the John Hero game for Android

  • John Wick Hero fighting game offers unique gameplay that combines strategy and action games.
  • The John Hero game contains many combat missions in an atmosphere of movement and movement from one place to another, which gives the game an exciting and fun character.
  • The game comes with outstanding graphics and sound and visual effects that reflect the atmosphere of fighting and the sounds of strikes and shooting.
  • John Killer is one of the best free action games with a small size in APK format. The game is suitable for downloading and playing on all Android devices.

Download John Hero Mobile action game for free. Enjoy exciting, direct combat, with outstanding animation and cinematic fighting moves. You will also find a mixture of firearms and melee weapons.

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