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5.4.0 Android 4.4 and later
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Download the KingRoot application for Android, as the Android system is the platform on which all applications installed on phones that run this system work, but certain restrictions are imposed by the Android system, but with this application you can violate all the Android systems that it places in all Applications, it is an application dedicated to idle applications that you do not use, and if you want to use them after that, you activate them through this application, this matter works to save freight and not consume the battery, and this is something that you cannot do with the Android system because of the laws and controls placed for all applications on it, but this The application makes you interfere with these laws and violate them.

Download the KingRoot application for Android with a direct link

Through this application, you can root your phone, meaning that you can change the laws and controls set by the Android system. When you root the phone, you must use an application that allows you to do this. You can use the KingRoot application, as it makes you change the Android system, so when we By purchasing an Android application, where we see some default applications that we cannot remove from the phone, and there are some applications that we do not benefit from, as they occupy space on the phone, but this application makes you root them, that is, you disable them or permanently delete them from the phone so that they do not occupy Space and also does not take up much charging.

But if you want to root your phone, you will be fully responsible for this matter, because it has many drawbacks. Any defect that may occur during the rooting process stops the phone, disables the Android system, and does not turn on the phone again. When rooting the phone, the phone also comes out of the warranty due to it. It also reduces its marketing value if you want to sell it. All responsibility lies with you if you want to play with the Android system and break the restrictions placed on the phone.

Download the KingRoot app for Android

There are some conditions that must be met in the phone that you want to root, namely, that the phone charge is not less than 30% and not more than 50% in order to be able to root your phone, and the Internet must also be strong when doing this on your phone This is because the root program downloads programs that need a strong internet, so the internet is not weak so that no glitch occurs when doing this and your phone stops working.

You must also make sure of the version of your phone, and this matter is through the settings, so you enter the About phone and look at the version number of the phone. The version must be between 4.2.2 to 5.1. If your phone version is higher than that, it is not possible to root this phone, so it must be Make sure your phone doesn’t crash and you can’t turn it on again.

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Features of KingRoot latest version

  • When you root your phone, you can deal with it with ease, so you do not find any restrictions due to the regulations and laws established for Android.
  • After making the root, you can find the phone working in the Chinese language, but you do not encounter any difficulties, as everything is simple, easy and explained in front of you.
  • This application is distinguished from other applications that perform the root work in that it is easy and simple. You can perform this process simply without needing any explanation.
  • After completing the root process, you can easily control your phone and change any system or delete any application that you did not want on your phone.
  • You can clear and get rid of the compulsory applications installed by the Android system so that your phone space is not filled without any benefit.

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