konnash: konnash of debt and cash

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konnash: konnash of debt and cash

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This app collects and calculates coins and cash for customers for free.

The konnash app: cash and debt cash for Android is one of the best apps that you can download on your mobile phone. A wonderful easy-to-use application through which you can record your customers’ debts. The application makes it easy for you to monitor your customers and know how much they have paid. And how much is left, the konnash app makes it easy for you to perform and collect, download the app now.

konnash app: Cash and Debt Cash for Android

The konnash application: Debt and cash cash register for Android is one of the best applications that helps you follow up on your work and know your money and your money. You can download the application on all phones that support Android systems. Download the application now through its link on our website.

The application that we have is an application that eliminates the debt book in which you register money and indebtedness. Through the application, you can follow up on the accounts of suppliers and customers. The application saves all the data that you enter and you can review and obtain it at the time you want to do so.

The application gives you complete security for your data and archives. The application backs up all the data that you save. The application spares you the need to create your own account book and all the information and data of your customers, which exposes this data to loss because this book may be lost, damaged or stolen.

Many merchants, distributors and craftsmen have downloaded the application in order to help them in their work and remind them of many things related to their commercial dealings, among these people:

(Wholesalers- Independent Seller- Distributor- Food Products Seller- Fruit Seller- Clothes Seller- Craftsmen….and others).

Download the konnash app: cash and debt konnash for mobile

You can download the konnash application: Cash and Debt Cash on your mobile phone with ease. The application works like the data book that we used to use in the old days. Download the application now by clicking on the direct exclusive link of the application on our website, after downloading the application, open it on the interface your mobile phone and enjoy the work of the application.

You can use the application easily through some steps:

  • Choose the Arabic language for the application.
  • Log in to the app by entering your phone number.
  • Add a vendor or customer to record a debit or performance.
  • Assign each customer you are recording if

“Received” from him or “given” to him.

  • You can edit by removing any client and adding another.
  • You can convert any supplier to become a customer and vice versa.
  • The application helps you to send a reminder to any customer to pay the debt on time.

The application helps you complete the process of collecting debts from customers and customers, so the process becomes better and faster. The application helps you follow up on all transactions with suppliers, and through it you can convert the customer into a supplier and vice versa.

The application gives you some reminders and notifications that remind you to communicate with customers and customers. You can secure your debt book with a password so that no one but you can view this book and know your debts.

You can put a lot of accounts belonging to a group of customers in one application without the need for other applications.

The application also gives you some weekly and monthly reports that include all your transactions with suppliers and merchants.

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Konnash application features: Debt and cash konnash latest version

The konnash app: Cash and Debt Cash for Android has a wide range of features, including the following:

  • Free download application.
  • Application as account book.
  • The app gives you some reminders about your business.
  • A wonderful application that is easy to use.
  • The application has a distinctive interface.
  • You can easily download the application on your Android phone.
  • Many merchants have downloaded the application.
  • Konnash is a free business accounts app.

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