Lucid Dream Adventure

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Lucid Dream Adventure

1.0.48 Android 4.1+
evaluation 34 | 3.6
A unique version among horror games worth trying

lucid dream adventure, Download Lucid Dream Adventure for Android with a direct linkLucid Dream Adventure is a classic Android game with easy, fun and interesting gameplay, which means that the character you control moves or interacts with the things you tap on the screen.

Download Lucid Dream Adventure: Mystery for Android

The main character of the game is Lucy, a young girl who sets out on an expedition to the maze of spooky dreams. She must become an adult to fight for her dying mother.

Lucid Dream Adventure game story

Along her journey, young Lucy will encounter terrifying spirits, the king of the fairy forest, Mr. Moon, the light watchmaker, Mr. Beaver, the creepy psychiatrist, Dr. Frank, and many other mysterious and fun characters.

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Explain Lucid Dream Adventure – Story Point & Click Game

These games are good games for some, there is a group of people who like mystery games very much, even if they need to buy, like Joseph’s robot game and many others, the game is fateful for little Lucy. , and you are on the most dangerous magical journey to the world of dreams, you go on this journey to save the mother of the little girl Lucy.

Lucid Dream Adventure – Story Point & Click Game has been nominated for many awards, and there are many puzzles in the game, which may be dozens, and they all cover the character of excitement on them, and the game will be inside the land of dreams and you have to beware of the intersecting levels from one level to another very dangerous , so you have to be very careful and watch carefully.

the way of playing

You will play the role of Lucy, a little girl tied to a wheelchair with chains, all Lucy wants is to find a cure for her sick mother, but she enters into an adventurous journey in the surreal world or a dream between reality and hypothesis, and all of these things depend on you, to make this journey a success or not Her success, you will have a mysterious dream interpreter, and you must find out who he is and what he wants from you.

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Features of downloading the Lucid Dream Adventure game for Android, with a direct link

One of the most important and prominent features Lucid Dream Adventure mobile game the following:

  • Four chapters full of mini games and escape rooms.
  • Each chapter with its own soundtrack – great music.
  • Full of strange symbols and letters.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics and not advanced software.
  • The story is mysterious within the game and it can be very addictive.
  • Game-specific music created by the game makers.
  • Countless secrets and hidden artifacts.
  • Easy and responsive control style.
  • Various challenges to complete.
  • It has amazing HD graphics and animations.

Scary Lucy game level

The game’s level of difficulty is balanced in both directions, being easy once in a while.

Which makes it beautiful for many players who have experienced this game.

It is recognized by many countries that divide games in their stores into Google Play and others.

10 unique and non-repeating areas every time in the game

  • This game can be very addictive.
  • The story of the game is unusual and unique.
  • Solve many challenging puzzles.
  • Original audio clips.
  • Go to the planet Oneiromancer.
  • Also going to chronic deserted deserts mixed between the present and the past.
  • And go to the flawed world.

Download Lucid Dream Adventure apk for mobile

  • Lucid Dream Adventure – Story Point & Click Game is a free classic point and click, full of puzzles, crazy plot twist and puzzle games.
  • The story is full of dark intrigue and symbolism of dream interpretation.
  • This exciting story will lead you through a world of dreams come alive.
  • Are you ready for the adventure game and enjoy it with baby Lucy.

An epic story you will never forget:

  • The main character is Lucy – a young girl, who sets out on an expedition to the eerie dream maze.
  • She has to become an adult to fight for her dying mother in order to save her in any way and you have to help her in that.
  • Check if baby Lucy can save her mother.
  • This epic fantasy story will lead her through a colorful landscape of destiny.
  • During her mission, little Lucy will encounter a scary spirit, the king of the fairy forest, Mr. Moon, the maker of the light watch, Mr. Beaver, the creepy psychiatrist Dr. Frank and many more fun characters.

The sites you will go to in the game:

  • A dark apartment with a strange puzzle task to solve.
  • Star surfaces with a strange mystery to them.
  • Abandoned planet with wealth.
  • A cemetery inhabited by an evil angel.

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