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Meta Business Suite

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This application helps you to manage your business as it makes you better.

Meta Business Suite application for Android This unique application makes you use Facebook pages through your mobile phone, through this application, if you are a business owner or have many pages on Facebook to display specific products or sell online, this application makes you follow all pages at the same time instead of From entering the Facebook application and entering and leaving one page, this is difficult for you and takes time and effort, but with the Meta Business Suite application, you can view all your pages on Facebook, and you can also follow your posts and comments on all pages at the same time, as it is an easy and fast application that makes it easy for you Many things in a short time.

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If you are a business owner and you have a large work team, you cannot follow all your business and pages on Facebook at the same time, as this application works to open all pages from within it at one time, and you can also communicate with all customers or your team through the chat in this The application, and you can also follow all the chats at one time and also follow the comments and publications that you have published on all pages at the same time, and this application shows you the new messages that arrive to you in addition to the number of new comments, as it organizes your agenda on Facebook pages, and it also This application alerts you to the dates of publishing the tasks that you record on this schedule at the appointed time and day so that you do not forget them. It makes the owner of the pages know what is happening first-hand on his pages.

This application makes it easy for you to share all publications, photos and videos at one time, as well as daily stories or advertisements. It is like a multi-tasking Facebook application. You can also publish a schedule and set the publications that you want to publish according to the schedule that you specify with the date and time.

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This application allows you to move freely in the different Facebook pages, as this application has a great speed in navigating between all pages, and when you log in to one of your pages, you will move to all its things, such as comments, notifications, messages, and the number of publications in it. Each page you open The conversion takes place automatically on all the things that pertain to it, so you do not need to exit one page and search for the other page to enter it, such as the Facebook application. Through this application, you can open all your pages at the same time.

There are some features and tools that distinguish this application from others, as it makes you manage your Facebook pages through some specific elements, such as publishing ads on your own pages, where in this application there is publishing a new advertisement on your pages until you reach the largest number of viewers, and this matter is appropriate For all the people that buy and sell through Facebook pages, this application can also organize your appointments with customers, as it works to remind you of these appointments and dates that you pre-record on it so that you do not forget them.

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Features of the latest Meta Business Suite application

  • This application makes it easy for you to manage your Facebook pages through your phone at one time.
  • This app lets you read all the comments of your pages at once.
  • This application creates a preset schedule to define your publications or transactions with customers so that you do not forget them, as it sends you a notification of this schedule.
  • Within this application there are many tools that help you to access your pages with ease.

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