Muslim Companion: Quran, Azan, Male

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Muslim Companion: Quran, Azan, Male

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An application that helps you to read the Quran and dhikr in an easy way

Download the Muslim Companion application: Quran, Azan, Dhikr for Android with a direct link, and it is really a companion for you as this application includes all matters of religion that you are not fully aware of. Where it has many features that Muslims are interested in, it contains the Qur’an, dhikr, hadiths, praises, and all the things you want in one application. Instead of downloading many separate applications, the Muslim Companion application has collected: Quran, Azan, mentioning all these things inside it, as there are more than 83 reciters of the Noble Qur’an on this application, and there are also many sermons for most of the famous sheikhs, as well as Sheikh Al-Shaarawi’s interpretation of the Noble Qur’an. Complete and his supplications, it is a comprehensive application of religion and a teacher at the same time.

Download the Muslim Companion application: Quran, Azan, Dhikr for Android, with a direct link

The Muslim Companion application is the first teacher of the Islamic religion, as it has many many features that a Muslim is not familiar with in his religion, so there are more than 35 Islamic features in this application that make Muslims know their religion in a correct way, and there is within it the Noble Qur’an with multiple voices for famous readers and sheikhs such as , Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudaisi, Sheikh Al-Afasy, and the sheikhs of the sanctuary all, and also with the voice of Sheikh Abdul Basit, Abu Bakr Al-Shatri and other sheikhs.

The Muslim Companion application is also distinguished by many supplications of up to 700 supplications so that the servant can draw closer to his Lord with these supplications, and within this application there are morning and evening remembrances and all the remembrances that a Muslim needs when he faces anything in his life, as there are prophetic supplications and supplications before and after The call to prayer, the prayer of the mosque, the supplication of ablution, and the supplications of the deceased, and also this application contains an identification of some of the etiquette in the Islamic religion, such as the etiquette of eating, the etiquette of sitting, the etiquette of speech, and many others.

Explanation of the Muslim Companion application: Quran, Azan, Dhikr apk for mobile

Inside the Muslim Companion application, there is the entire Holy Qur’an so that anyone can read the Qur’an through this application with ease. The Mushaf on the Rafiq application is also distinguished in that it shows you all the rulings and intonation so that you can read the Qur’an correctly, as it works to color the word that has an intonation ruling in a specific color and explains At the bottom of the page, you have the intonation ruling for this word, as it is also known on the extended, diphthong, overturning, singing, and other provisions of intonation.

Also inside this application there is an index written in which the names of the surahs are written, as well as a sign that you can place when standing on a specific part of the surah until you know the verse you stopped at and complete the reading again, and inside this application there is a daily response that the application reminds you of by sending you a notification, The application also works to divide the part according to the amount that you can read so that you can complete the reading easily and know the verse and the part that you stopped at, so download this application now and get closer to God Almighty.

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Features of the Muslim Companion application: Quran, Azan, mention of the latest version

  • This application is free and does not require any payment fees when downloading.
  • Within this application, there are audio messages such as the reminder to pray for the Prophet, seek forgiveness, and praise.
  • Within this application, there is communication with Muslims from all countries in order to support them and provide support to those in need.
  • This application is distinguished by sending alerts to you when the prayer time comes.
  • This application also alerts you to the call to prayer at the time of each prayer with the voices of well-known sheikhs.
  • Inside it there are all the dhikr that you need in your day.

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