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Notification Blocker & Cleaner

3.1.1-221113160 Android 4.4 and later
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This application simply blocks ads that you do not want to see.

Notification Blocker & Cleaner is one of the best apps that you can download on your mobile phone. An easy-to-use application that makes your phone always clean, the application cleans your notification bar and hides all notifications. The app does a great job, one of the exclusive apps that you can download now with ease.

Notification Blocker & Cleaner Block unwanted notifications for Android

Notification Blocker & Cleaner app for blocking unwanted notifications for Android has a wide range of great features. The application is also easy to use on your mobile phone because it supports the Android system very easily. You can download the application now by clicking on the application link on our website. Download Notification Blocker & Cleaner now.

A great application that is easy to use, many people around the world have downloaded the application because of its uniqueness. And because of its wonderful effect on the mobile phone, the application intelligently deletes all useless notifications. And it makes them all in one place, sums up the work of the application in making your notification bar completely clean on an ongoing basis.

The application makes your phone constantly clean and tidy, and the application stops notifications that slow down the phone’s work, cause you confusion, and make your notification bar unclean or tidy.

The application has achieved very large numbers of downloads in a short period, and this application is one of the most popular applications that exist now that clean your phone bar and get rid of annoying notifications. Indeed, the work of the Notification Blocker & Cleaner application to prevent unwanted notifications for Android is very important for the mobile phone.

Download Notification Blocker & Cleaner app block unwanted notifications for mobile

You can download the Notification Blocker & Cleaner application to block unwanted notifications for Android on your mobile phone with ease and ease. The application is great. You can download it now through the exclusive direct link for the application on our website now. After downloading the application, you open it on the interface of your mobile phone and enjoy it.

After using the application on your mobile phone, you feel that your phone has become more efficient and works better than before, the notifications that appeared before cause your mobile phone to slow down and suddenly stop working, the Notification Blocker & Cleaner application collects all notifications Which has no benefit that causes you inconvenience and affects the work of your phone.

The application hides all Android system notifications and all applications running in the background of the phone, and the application also shows the records that the application has blocked, which are the error log records so that you can see them and follow up on everything that the application is doing and what is happening on your phone.

The application blocks some of the notifications that cause you inconvenience and affect the work of your phone and collects them all, and then you can view these blocked notifications so that you do not miss anything that happens, through the application you can clean all the notifications that you do not want to exist with just one click.

The work of the application saves your mobile phone memory and keeps your battery charged, the application needs you to give it a set of permissions in order to do its work in the best way.

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Notification Blocker & Cleaner Features Block unwanted notifications latest version

The Notification Blocker & Cleaner application for blocking unwanted notifications for Android has a wide range of features, including the following:

  • The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Free download application.
  • The app saves your phone’s battery.
  • The app saves space on your mobile phone.
  • The app makes your phone work better and more efficiently.

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