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1.23.1229 Android 4.4 and later
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Through the game, you can enjoy your spare time.

When you download the Open House game for Android with a direct link, you will find that it is one of the best and ideal games that you can enjoy when you go on your exciting journey from your old home to the dream palace, as through this wonderful game you can be a lot of alms, you will be a young man who has Power Charger is searching for happiness by being under the roof of the house, so feel free to help him fix it all with some unique and matching rides.

Download Open House game for Android

In the game, there are many charming characters through which the guests acquire new stories every time you meet new people. Through this wonderful game, you can enjoy three levels of games, and this is when you are a fan of real puzzles. This game contains more It’s fun and explosive combos, so feel free to sink-and-roll design that you can decorate all corners in order to make yourself at home.

Through this wonderful game, you can follow the stories and get to know the new heroes, as you can discover all the secrets that preserve these walls, as you will find the pets very wonderful, then you are ready to plunge into a world full of adventures of the open house.

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This game is characterized by its unique way of playing, so do not hesitate to help friends to renovate the houses by swapping the pieces, and matching them with the rest of the pieces that are similar, and through the interior design of the game you can decide the shape of the house, there are many special levels in the game With exciting match 3, the game gets more fun as it features lots of boosters and explosive combos.

In the game there is a beautiful and huge mansion through which you can discover all the secrets that the palace contains, and unite in the game. There are also some cute animals in the game that can be met, including a parrot and a naughty cat, so do not hesitate to invite friends to help create a warm atmosphere that are in your home.

Explanation of the game Open House apk latest version

Through the game, you can give the old mansion some complete arrangements, so do not hesitate to show your design skills by establishing and decorating the hall, kitchen, orangery, and various areas of the house, including the garage, as it will give you many design options that give you Many degrees of freedom, let you discover the degrees of your creativity, change designs all the times you want, and in the end you can create your dream home.

The game is free to play, in which you can buy many in-game items with some real money in the game, if you can’t use it, you just have to turn off in the menu for the restrictions in the game, as the levels for the game Be colorful by renovating and decorating the rooms in the mansions, more of which you can unlock in the chapters in the exciting friendly chapters along the way.

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Features of the Open House 2022 game

This is characterized Open House apk game With many features, including:

  • In the game, you can simply swap and match the pieces.
  • The game helps you to design the interior, as through it you can decide the way your house looks.
  • In the game, there are lots of match 3 levels, with fun to do, and it features the cool combos and unique boost.
  • There are new and luxurious palaces in the game, and you can discover all the secrets that you download in the game.
  • Through the game, you can invite friends to help you create your own comfortable atmosphere in your home.

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