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Puzzle Adventure

1.4.1 Android 5.0+
evaluation 36 | 3.6
Puzzle game and fun adventures in a fantasy world

Download Puzzle Adventure, a new puzzle and puzzle game in a 3D environment developed by Pixel Federation Games, you will enter a supernatural fantasy world full of monsters, mutants, spooky creatures and enchanted items. You have to solve the puzzles that will confront you; To advance in the game and escape from scary monsters, find hidden treasures and artifacts.

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Have you ever wanted to become a detective and solve the mystery of stories and crimes, and encounter paranormal events and a lot of mysteries in a 3D puzzle game in a supernatural world.

Puzzle Adventure Game is about a mysterious supernatural world suspended in the sky. You will be a member of the In-game Investigation Team. You will move inside this scary fantasy world. Your progress in the game depends on your ability to solve puzzles and riddles and find magical and mysterious artifacts.

You will move through the locations of Puzzle Adventure: Solve Mystery 3D Logic Riddles inside this fantasy world, which are 3D places with beautiful graphics and colors, supernatural elements, spooky secret graves, ghosts, monsters and mysterious creatures.

The more you can overcome the obstacles that you will face, open more places, get more hidden artifacts and chests, the more gold coins and gems you will get, and advance in the current level of the game until you complete it to start a new level.

Adventure Puzzle for Android is one of the puzzle and intelligence games for Android. The size of the game is suitable for download and installation on all Android devices. Also, the game does not require a large storage space or high requirements to run. Puzzle Game is free to play, full version, plus some in-game purchases. The game of puzzles and riddles is suitable for all age groups.

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Description of Puzzle Adventure Game Apk and Game Items

Puzzle Adventure is an exciting adventure game set in a fantasy world. You play the role of an investigator on a team to uncover the mystery of several murder cases. You will also take on countless missions and fight a series of different evil monsters.

The adventure begins in Puzzle where you will find yourself inside a strange world suspended in the sky. You will have to complete a lot of missions to unlock new locations within the game, discover hidden treasures and fight countless monsters and strange creatures. As you advance in the levels of the game, you will get more money and rewards to upgrade your level and increase your abilities within one of the exciting adventure games Puzzle Games.

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Features of Puzzle Adventure Game for Android

Puzzle Game has many advantages that give it a special and distinctive character compared to traditional puzzle and intelligence games.

Adventures in a mysterious world

Puzzle Adventure features a unique environment filled with countless different fascinating stories. You will find strange magic items. In addition to the scary and mysterious issues that many people refused to investigate and explore before.

In Puzzle Game apk you will see a mysterious world, not just an ordinary world on the surface of the earth, but a world suspended in a supernatural sky that you can’t imagine.

Find explanations for many exciting puzzles and hidden objects

In the puzzle adventure game, you will face countless challenges, and many puzzles that need answers that you must know. You will also find many scary places full of obstacles, which you must use your intelligence to overcome and unlock new places.

The events that happen in Puzzle Adventure: Solve Mystery 3D Logic Riddles are not random, but everything that happens contains dark secrets that must be revealed.

In the game Puzzle for Android you will take on an extraordinary challenge; It requires outstanding intelligence. You just have to observe each element you encounter inside the puzzle-solving adventure game, then follow the paths that the game suggests to you; To be able to find the appropriate explanation and solve the puzzle or skip the obstacles and open the place. Also, you have to be brilliant to come up with solutions to the creepy and mysterious murder cases within the game.

Collect lots of unique items, artifacts and hidden treasures

Puzzle Adventure APK is not just an ordinary puzzle game; It is also a place where you can show your super intelligence and strength, where you will find a lot of surprises about exciting things waiting for you.

You have to challenge non-stop in order to get the scores you deserve after completing each level in the Puzzle Game. Upon completing a certain mission, you will receive valuable gifts and exciting in-game gold coins and gems. You can also collect many unique items, treasures and artifacts, which you will find inside the different places.

Fight monsters, ghosts and scary creatures

In Puzzle Adventure: Mystery Clue you will not find a peaceful world, but a world full of monsters and evil spirits that you have to fight hard to show your amazing power. But also remember that you have to communicate with some of these strange creatures; To get more clues and information to solve the issues.

In Puzzle Adventure you will encounter a lot of strange things and supernatural phenomena. You will have to perform many dangerous missions that may expose you to death, but you must face them with courage to win.

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