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A puzzle game that gives you a lot of excitement and suspense

Download the Puzzles Survival game for Android with a direct link, it is a puzzle game that gives you a lot of excitement and suspense and is also addictive for those who start it, as this game has been worked on and developed at the highest level compared to the old Candy Crush game known among a large number of persons.

In this game, your main goal is to survive as long as possible, and at the same time you enter into a major confrontation with other characters and you have to overcome them as much as possible.

Download Puzzles & Survival game for Android

The way to play in the game Puzzles Survival for Android is somewhat similar to the way to play in the old Candy game, and it also provides you with an endless number of levels and with the progression in the levels it becomes difficult.

So you have to start collecting approximately three stones that are similar to each other or more than this in order to be able to hit them together at the same time and get a gem while providing a number of aids in order to be able to hit the largest number of gems.

And with every gem that you hit, it will be a cause of loss for the enemies, which is what we want in this game, and getting rid of gems helps you reduce the health of enemies, and thus they will not be able to confront as it was in the past.

You should also know that in the game Puzzles Survival for Android, when you finish the role, the enemies return again to try to eliminate you as much as possible, and if the health levels of your heroes run out, you have to start over.

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Features of the game Puzzles & Survival

The Puzzles Survival game for Android gives you many great advantages, so we can learn about them by reading the following points:

  • Inside the game Puzzles Survival for Android, you will face many enemies such as zombies and a number of very dangerous monsters, and this is done by solving many puzzles.
  • When you can get as much gold coins as possible, you will be able to get aids and treasures through which you can find many developments in your shields.
  • The game gives you a large number of weapons of various kinds to choose from among them what suits you best, you just have to have enough intelligence and quick wit so that you are not defeated and eliminated easily.
  • High graphics are unique, and you can notice this when you download and start the game.
  • Endless number of different levels, all of which have a greater development than any previous game, as you will notice in the characters inside the game, they have unique graphics.
  • Solve loads of puzzles to be able to eliminate enemies and survive as long as possible.
  • Puzzles Survival for Android gives you a unique experience in facing enemies after the end of the world.
  • Start getting people on board and play together until you have enough power.
  • You have to watch out as much as possible from enemies, especially zombie attacks, as they are often unexpected.

About puzzles and survival

A deadly virus has spread across the countries of the world, and this virus has turned all of humanity into zombies, so your main task in Puzzles Survival for Android is to lead the survivors and join them to your team.

You have to follow the best strategies to survive against these monsters and survive by solving tons of puzzles with your team.

From now on, the future of the entire world is in your hands, either you can liberate it against this deadly deadly virus, or you will also be eliminated and lost to the ranks of the enemies.

So first you have to arm yourself with a lot of weapons and follow the best strategies and tactics in the face of monsters, and with the passage of time you will be able to develop your game and your weapons to make it easier for you to get rid of enemies.

You also have to build a shelter for you and all the survivors of that global catastrophe so that you can hide in it, and in this shelter all survivors are gathered and try to develop your weapons and equipment to be stronger.

Download Puzzles Survival apk

You can download or Download Puzzles & Survival apk for Android Easily by clicking on the following link from here, where you will be directed to the game page in Google Play immediately, then click on the download button to download the game in a few minutes.

The nice thing is that the game does not require any login processes, but it needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi network permanently in order to be able to continue playing.

In conclusion, you should pay close attention that this game is not suitable for those under the age of twelve, as it contains many scenes of fighting and wars, and this may negatively affect the nature of the child.

And that downloading the game is free of charge, but there are some in-game tools that require purchases in order to be able to enjoy them.

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