Rope Hero: Vice Town

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Rope Hero: Vice Town

6.4.7 Android 4.4 and later
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This game is one of the best action and excitement games, and it is called the Blue Man game.

Download the game Rope Hero Vice Town for Android with a direct link, this game is one of the legendary games that makes you fly in the air with a rope. It is a 3D game, when you start the game you find yourself as a superhero running on the street and climbing houses with the rope that is with you and also jumping from On the roofs and tall buildings, and you will discover the tasks required of you in this game as you enter the city and eliminate the enemies. As a superhero, you do not have any weapons except the rope that saves you by climbing quickly before anyone reaches you, so be careful of anyone you do not know So that he does not kill you and immediately exit the game and lose the level in it.

Download Rope Hero Vice Town for Android with a direct link

Game Rope Hero Vice Town apk You will play in this game as a superhero and not an ordinary man, you will have some supernatural features that you did not find in any ordinary man, so you will find that you have a superpower that makes you fly in the air and climb houses and streets, and the hero in this game looks a lot like Spider-Man, but the hero here wears a colored suit Blue and his body is athletic full of muscles and very strong so that he can climb the rope and run fast and jump without getting tired.

You must use your superpowers in this game in order to help weak people and use this power for good only and completely eliminate evil and enemies who are lurking for you everywhere so that they can get you and eliminate you as soon as possible, but as a superman you will eliminate them and attack them quickly because you are faster than them Because of the supernatural power you have, you can save yourself if you find any danger approaching you through the rope tied in your midst. You can jump from it at any time and land anywhere else, and you can swing it from one building to another until you run out of enemies.

Download Rope Hero Vice Town apk for mobile

This game is distinguished by the easy main interface that you can deal with from the first time you use this game, as you find yourself in this game as if you are a real hero who fights enemies and defeats evil, you will be addicted to playing it and imagine with it as if you are actually living in reality in the midst of attacking and killing enemies, as you must in This game is to save the city from the destruction that the enemies do, and you try to know the plans that they draw to destroy the city and destroy you, so you must spoil these plans so that they do not do it, and be faster than them in the failure of their plans.

There are also many cars in this game that you can use to carry out your tasks, as there are four-wheel drive cars, motorcycles, planes, and many other cars, and there are also supercars that appear to you when difficulties until you run out of any problem you face. You will venture into this game and also learn to drive all Cars of all shapes and sizes.

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Features of the game Rope Hero Vice Town latest version

  • This game is free and does not require any payer fees when downloading.
  • It is a 3D game that simulates real life and makes you imagine that you are really a superhero.
  • The missions in this game are different and you have to complete them all in order to win the level.
  • Inside this game, there are no weapons other than the rope that you have with you, but there are many modern cars that help you in completing your missions.
  • This game stands out for its high-quality graphics and powerful graphics that make the people look real.
  • This game features sound effects that make you live the atmosphere of excitement and adventures.

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