SayIt: Read with Ears

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SayIt: Read with Ears

2.17 Android 4.4+
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This application simply converts speech into audio text.

SayIt: Read with Ears application for Android There are many people who cannot read texts from inside the phone screen due to a problem in seeing the eye or to protect the eye from the brightness of the phone that works to harm the eye if it is looked at continuously. I have found applications that convert texts The written reading on the phone into audio texts that we can hear with the voice, such as the SayIt: Read with Ears application, which converts any written text into an audio text that you can listen to in Arabic or any other language as it supports many languages ​​inside it, so now protect your eyes from the brightness of phone and enjoy hearing written texts.

SayIt: Read with Ears app for Android

Through this application, you can convert any written text into an audio text and listen to it with ease instead of harming the eye because of the brightness of the phone, which causes a problem for all people, especially people with poor eyesight or eye problems and sensitivity to seeing bright light continuously. This application enables them to convert any written text into an audio text that they hear instead of reading a lot that hurts them and causes them headaches and eye problems.

This application is suitable for all students who study pdf books or do research on the phone. It is natural that all pdf books must be read in order to get out the chapters and chapters of the research, but this application makes them convert this book into an audio text so that they can listen to all the written in an easy way.

Download SayIt: Read with Ears app for Android

You can use this application by selecting any text you want to hear, and then press the share button. It will show you all the applications installed on your phone, and you will find the SayIt: Read with Ears application with them. Click on it, and then this application will read this written text In a loud voice and in the language of your choice from within, as this application supports many languages, the first of which is the Arabic language. This application also works in the background of the phone, meaning that you can listen to any text and enter any other application at the same time.

This application is easy to use, you can use it easily after downloading directly and installing it on the phone, as it supports an easy and uncomplicated main interface that you can deal with from the first time, as it is the best application that converts written into audio texts, so you can share any written text from any site or any application on your phone and share it on this application, and this application will read this text out loud without you having any problem reading written texts.

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SayIt: Read with Ears latest version features

  • This is a free application and does not require any payment fees upon downloading.
  • You can listen to any written text or article on any website or app with SayIt: Read with Ears.
  • This application converts any written e-book pdf into an audio book that you can hear with ease.
  • If you suddenly stop hearing any text, this app remembers where you left off.
  • This app supports many languages ​​inside it so you will hear any text written in any language.
  • This application can automatically recognize the language in which the text is written instead of entering the settings and changing the language.
  • You can control the speed of reading texts by voice, so you can make it read fast or slow, depending on what you want.

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