Send Files To TV

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Send Files To TV

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This application enables you to enjoy moving large size applications simply.

Send Files To TV application for Android This unique application works to send any file, video or images on your Android phone to your TV screen, so you can communicate between your phone and the TV screen through this simple application, and this application is easy to use, but the people you deal with With it, for the first time, inside this application you will find a program that explains how to use this application and walks you step by step until you understand how to cast all the things on your phone to your TV screen. It is an interesting application that must be on your phone now.

Download the Send Files To TV app for Android, with a direct link

Using this application is one of the easiest applications that you use to transfer files, pictures, or videos from your phone to the TV screen. When you install this application on your phone, you will enter the application, and you will see two options. The first is to select the things that you want to transfer to the TV screen, and the second option is Send, and then you must click on the name of the TV screen that appears to you on the phone screen, and after clicking on it, the word “Receive” will appear on the TV screen. Click on it and you will see that the files are easily transferred from your phone to the TV screen quite simply.

You can also connect your phone with your computer screen and transfer anything you want from inside your phone to the computer screen. This application connects the two devices through the local network and does not require any restrictions or an Internet connection. It is simple and there is no complication when using it. If you want to transfer any Something from inside your phone This application must be installed on your phone and also on the TV or computer screen in order for the transfer to take place with ease.

Explanation of downloading the Send Files To TV apk latest version for mobile

When transferring files or anything you want from inside your phone to the TV or computer screen, the two devices must be paired with a Wi-Fi network, so to complete the transfer, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Very fast in transferring files, and this application is suitable for schools and students who are studying and is also suitable for offices, because this application does not need an internet connection, as it is very fast for this matter.

This application transfers all selected files, images or videos at once, and it is known that any device you want to send anything large in size takes a long time when sending, but with this application it is easy for you to look at sending large files, as it works to send all files Large in size in a very short time and very quickly, just connect the two devices to the same Wi-Fi network and send all the things you want very quickly and completely safely.

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Features of the Send Files To TV app, latest version

  • This is a completely free application that does not require any payment or subscription fees for downloading.
  • You can send all the things you want at once by connecting the two devices to the same WiFi network.
  • This application does not need to connect to the Internet when sending or receiving files.
  • This application is suitable for schools, students, libraries and companies as well.
  • This application is small in size and does not require much space on the phone.
  • This application is suitable for all Android phones, old and new.

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