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Stick War Legacy

2023.1.3 Android 4.4+
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This game is one of the best action and suspense games in which you use the stick brilliantly.

Download the Stick War Legacy game for Android This epic game is not your role in fighting zombie monsters or fighting in battles, but it is that you will be the commander of a large army that works under your orders and is subject to everything you command, so you will be in this game managing a move under your hands Thousands of people until they work to seize the lands next to the enemy, this game begins with a small army commander and after seizing cities and other lands and making them under your management, you will then become the ruler of an entire city that will be a signal from you and implement your requests and everything you want.

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This game is like the old games in which you enter into intense battles with the large army that is under your control so that you can defeat the opposite enemy and take his land and control everything inside the city that you invade, and this game began that the city in which you live there were wars over food and theft of steaks And there were tribes that wanted to control the city in which you live, and since you were a soldier in the city in which you live, you had a great role in fighting the enemies and ridding your city of these enemies until you became the leader of your city, and after eliminating the enemy cities and controlling them, you will become the leader of all cities and villages in which you live.

In this game, you have to collect the largest amount of modern weapons from the invasions that you and your army enter so that you can provide your army with modern weapons that fight the enemy with one blow. Each weapon in this game has its own ability to fight in a certain way, so you can supply your army with the best weapons, ammunition and spears So that they come out of any battle with victory and collect treasures and spoils from this city and make this city under your control and protection.

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Stick War Legacy game This game begins with easy levels that you can accomplish with ease because the tasks required of you are simple and you must collect gifts and rewards from these easy levels in order to save them for the time of difficult tasks in the next levels, and this game is also distinguished by its ease of play as it has An easy and simple main interface that you can deal with when you download the game for the first time, and there are no difficulties or complications when playing it.

This game is distinguished by its high-quality graphics and powerful graphics that show all the people inside the game in a real way, as it is one of the games that simulates real reality. This game is also characterized by strong sound effects and sounds of shooting and wars. You will find yourself in the midst of a real epic and live with it the fantasy atmosphere as if you are already inside the game. You can also choose the weapons that you want your army to fight with, and there are also wooden weapons for beginners in the first levels of the game, so you can choose them first, and after you practice playing this game, you choose modern weapons and live bullets.

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Features of the game Stick War Legacy latest version

  • This game is very easy to play as it has the easy main interface which does not have any complexity.
  • This game is free and does not require any subscription or pay-to-download fees.
  • This game is devoid of annoying ads.
  • You can share this game with your friends to get involved in the intense battles and epics.
  • This game does not need a lot of space, as it is small in size and is compatible with all Android phones.
  • You can choose multiple weapons from within this game so that you can fight against the enemy.

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