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Sundel Bolong Revenge

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The most powerful horror, adventure and action games that have been launched recently

One of the newly launched horror, adventure, and action games on game download platforms. It is developed by LazySoft Studios, which specializes in producing psychological horror games. Indeed, it has succeeded in presenting many games in the recent period and has already obtained millions of downloads from all over the world.

The meaning of a game Sundel Bolong Revenge In Indonesian mythology it means a ghost from the archipelago and is the spirit of a woman with beautiful long black hair and a long white dress whose shape is very similar to Pontianak.

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The legend is closely related to prostitutes, meaning “a prostitute who has a hole” referring to the large hole that is said to appear in her back. The explanation for the reason for naming the hole is that there is the spirit of a woman who died when she was pregnant outside marriage and thus gave birth in her grave, or died during childbirth and came out. child from her back

and simulate Game Sundel Bolong Revenge apk All the details associated with that legend are complete, in addition to the fact that the victims of the main character consist mainly of men and children. As a vengeful spirit, if a man spurns her, she is said to be his children, particularly new-born children, to replace her lost child.

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How to play Sundel Bolong Revenge for mobile

The game begins with the main character trapped in a haunted building with the ghost present Sundel Bolong who wants to avenge his death

And your main task in the game is to find a way out so that you are safe from the chasing sun crater

And not only this is the task, but you also have to solve the puzzles in order to be able to get out of the room, so we always advise you to check everywhere until you find an item to unlock something

Note that you must speed up as much as possible so as not to get caught, as if anything happens and you are caught or the ghost catches you and catches you, you will fail or die

Thus as far as possible you should run as fast as you can and hide in the place provided in order to avoid the ghost’s pursuit

Sundel Bolong Revenge game features

The developers of the game have worked to add a lot of completely new features and characteristics, for which it gives a new and distinctive character with a lot of excitement and suspense, and among the most important of these characteristics

Provide terrifying sound effects

The sounds in the background have been developed with the addition of many terrifying sound effects that work automatically once you enter the game, along with exciting sounds that indicate a ghost approaching you, movement sounds, escape and running sounds, and others.

Therefore, if you want to get the maximum possible enjoyment, you must wear headphones in order to create a better experience

Added voice chat feature

The game supports Sundel Bolong Revenge Multiplayer with any individual or person around the world, in addition to that the developers have worked to add the voice chat feature in order to talk with your team or with anyone around the world in order to complete the tasks, and you can also record videos automatically in order to upload them through social media platforms and challenge friends

Graphic and visual effects

One of the most important new things in the game Sundel Bolong Revenge It has a lot of terrifying animation, then the developers worked on adding a lot of terrifying visual effects in addition to the interior details, whether from the forms of the character that became more terrifying or from adding many interior places, forests, and others.

Therefore, we recommend that if you are afraid of terrifying places, you must think a thousand times before starting the most terrifying experience ever

More scary levels

The developer company has added many completely new terrifying levels with many rooms, trees and forests that give an irresistible psychological horror character.

Features of Sundel Bolong Revenge mobile game

The main objective of the game is to simulate the real-life story of a legend Sundel Bolong Revenge Thus, within a short period of time, the game has reaped millions of downloads from all over the world, thanks to that it has many features that make it superior to other horror games, and one of the most important of these features

  • come game Sundel Bolong Revenge It is completely free and you can download it through the download links on our website apkxi
  • The game comes with advanced graphics at the highest level, in addition to a lot of the most terrifying visual and sound effects, which gives the game an unparalleled character.
  • As a game Sundel Bolong Revenge You do not need to connect to the Internet, so you can play anytime and anywhere
  • Also, a live chat and video chat feature has been added in order to talk with friends while playing in order to develop a tight plan to win the challenge and escape
  • If you are a fan of psychological horror games, then you are with one of the most powerful games ever, so do not wait now and start downloading the game Sundel Bolong Revenge for Android for free and enter into unparalleled challenges

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