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1.4.4 Android 4.1 and later
evaluation 2 | 3.5
Fun action-adventure and fighting game

Swordigo It is a 3D action-adventure combat game based on first-class combat, steadfastness and survival, and the game was developed by Touch Foo

It includes the game Swordigo A lot of movements and sports that can be used for self-defense, because the game was designed primarily based on the movements of the basic character from fighting and confronting enemies in multiple challenges and levels

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Swordigo game story for Android

Swordigo game revolves around the main character, as you go to the heart of the forest while enjoying the magical and dangerous worlds around you and entering the many challenges using your sword

You will enter into challenges that contain the fiercest enemies that you have to eliminate and defeat, Swordigo game has been equipped with a lot of different weapons, spells and experiences in order to create a fun and exciting gaming environment for the users

Swordigo gameplay for Android

Swordigo is characterized by its fun and easy gameplay, and the reason for this is that it is basically an action game, and therefore all you have to do is move the characters or move them from place to place or defend and attack in combat challenges while facing the most famous and fiercest enemies

And through simple touches on the control buttons on the phone screen, you can control the characters smoothly and easily, as there are buttons dedicated to movement left and right on the left of the screen. As for jumping and attacking, there are dedicated buttons on the right of the screen with a dedicated button for sword fighting.

Thus, over time, you gain many experiences that enable you to combine a number of these movements, and then create your own fighting style, control the battlefield, and defeat the most famous and fiercest enemies of all.

Also, while playing in Swordigo, the energy level will appear on the screen and it will be in the form of hearts. When fighting monsters, you will get an additional heart that increases your energy level. Not only that, but during the game you will see a lot of prizes, coins, jewelry and other rewards that can be obtained And collect them in order to upgrade and develop your skills later

Swordigo game for Android contains many levels and challenges in multiple places, as in the latest versions of the game many challenging levels have been added in forests, cities, underground cellars and other various places

Therefore, you must train fully and avoid the dangers and obstacles that will appear in front of you as much as possible, because every monster you collide with will greatly reduce your energy, so you must prepare your sword and make it fixed to attack at any time, while collecting spells that can be used alongside the sword in order to hit it from afar

Discover a large world that contains various and advanced weapons, as well as fierce monsters, and attack them in order to obtain prizes and financial rewards that enable you to reach the highest levels.

Features of the game Swordigo for Android

Multiple sites

Swordigo provides a large world of small locations that can only be navigated through special gates, but it must be remembered that these gates act as checkpoints from which players resume the game again when exiting the challenge.

Secret places

There are a lot of secret treasure stashes everywhere and in all the chests there are a lot of bonus crystals, along with some other treasuries that contain a lot of items and pieces. necessary artifacts in order to complete the story

Training and taking on tougher challenges

The world of Swordigo is filled with many RPG elements that are responsible for destroying intruders and gaining experience. The player will be able to choose his weak skills and then work to improve them.

You can get extra lives with increasing and upgrading your enchantment sword, but you must use your enchantment abilities at the beginning of the challenges because using a sword to fight against wings and bosses is more difficult especially if the player is a beginner

Huge arsenal of weapons

Swordigo game for Android contains a huge arsenal of the best modern and advanced weapons ever, you can use the financial rewards and prizes that you will get during the game and save them in order to develop your fighting skills

Features of downloading the game Swordigo for Android

  • It comes completely free of charge, and you can download the game Swordigo for Android through the links on our website apkxi
  • You can explore a huge and vast world full of magic with lots of additional options
  • Fight the most famous and fiercest enemies and enter the most difficult challenges ever
  • Possibility to upgrade your Swordigo fighting skills with continuous progression and access to more professional challenges
  • Use a wide range of different weapons besides magic to defeat enemies
  • There are a lot of secret places, caves, dungeons and other special places waiting for you
  • Easy and smooth control in the game Swordigo, after its recent updates
  • The game also has a lot of realistic 3D graphics, which contain a lot of advanced graphics, which in turn gives the real excitement

Swordigo keywords

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